Cute stuff

A little cuteness that I enjoyed and WTF, holiday and all…

3 year old discussing a very popular Italian dish with his 2 year old brother, and wishing to set the record straight:
“It’s not sketti, man, it’s buh-sketti!”

Back to enjoying a Christmas eve dinner with good friends (I can’t believe I hijacked their computer to post - egad!). To all of you who can enjoy it, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Went to my mom’s tonight, and showed my three-year-old daughter the menorah that my mom’s Jewish SO has. She knows what a menorah is–she’s got this cool “Winnie the Pooh and the Hannukah Dreidel” book, where there’s a couple of pictures with a menorah in them.

I pointed to the menorah and said “Hey! What’s that?” Very proudly, she pronounced it a “remora.”

We had some cuteness this afternoon too.

We have a new grandbaby, Torrie, born in July. She visited, brought mom and dad along too. Dad had to leave for a minute to take mom to work.

Five-year-old Connor sees mom and dad walking out the door and he yells: “You forgot your baby!”

We got Connor a Tony Hawk skateboard game for his Nintendo – he’d been asking for it, according to his mom. He was happy, but surprised, and asked his mom how we knew what he wanted, and said “grandma and grandpa must be really smart!”

Hey kid, if we were smart we would have shopped for it at Wal-Mart instead of Amazon and saved $25.

My 3-year-old foster sister, Stephanie, was in my room playing her toy guitar while I played my real guitar one day. I have a bunch of rodeo pictures up on my wall with my racing photos and Stephie looked up at them.
Her: “That’s a cowboy.”
Me: “Yes it is, Stephanie.”
Her: “Cowboy riding a horse.”
Me: “Yes, he’s riding a horse.”
Her: “Stephie rides cowboys.”
Me: “No, Stephie, you ride a horse.”
Her: “Yes, but Stephie rides cowboys.”
Me: “No, honey, I’m pretty sure you don’t ride cowboys.”
Me: “Not yet you don’t. That’s for when you’re bigger.”
Her: “When I’m bigger?”
Me: “Yes.”
Her: “Oh, OK. Let’s play guitar some more.”

Often wondered why ‘Steph was walkin’ so bow-legged…

[sub]Sorry, couldn’t help myself…[/sub]

racinchikki! What are you teaching that impressionable young child?

There are three little girls in my extended family right now, little as in young enoughto play with dolls and believe in Santa. All the older kids and most of the adults want to wait til midnight to open the gifts so that it’s Christmas day, the little kids want to open them as soon as possible.
So at about 10 the 3 little girls started asking to open the gifts. Of course the aunts and female cousins said no, the guy cousins were bonding over the playstation and the uncles wanted to open presents and drive home. So the girls try begging and it doesn’t work and so an uncle takes them into another room. When they emerge.

Little girl 1: Auntie!
Aunt 1: Yes?
Little Girl 2: Umm… the electricity man came to the door and…
Little girl 3: well he said that we had to turn off the lights at 10:30 so we have to open the presents now
LG 1&2: Yeah!
Aunt2: Well it’s 10:29 we only have one minute and then we can’t see the presents
Cousin1: So we can’t open presents, oh well
Little girls: oh (and all leave the room)

So my uncle takes them into the other room again. They kept making up stories til we relented at around 11. Did you know that Santa came early this year so we had to open presents fast so we could go home and see Santa. Silly little kids.


Well, the cutest thing I saw today was my 70-year-old father, sprawled out on the living room rug, blissfully playing with his new train set.