Put on your yarmulka...

It’s time for Chanukkah!!!

May your candles burn brightly, your dreidles spin long, your gelt be gold-foiled, your latkas fried well, and your presents be good, fellow Dopers of the Tribe.


God be with you.

Shalom! ;j

Chag Same’ach!

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Jewish because my friend Eric’s mom made latkes for me once, and I thought they were the coolest food I’d ever eaten. So she encouraged me by giving him extras around Hannukah to bring in to school for me. :slight_smile: Silly little Gentile was I!

Happy Hannukah.

Happy Chanukah fellow Jew-Dopers: May you all get good presents and win every dreidle game you play (except if it’s against me)

Happy Challahdays!

:::Throws tomatoes and latkes at Mjollnir:::

Wow, that was bad. Well, happy Hanukah everyone. Montfort, are you Jewish too?

Yep, hence my use of “fellow” in “… Dopers of the Tribe” in the OP. ;j

And to y’all.

Only my grandmother finds FUNNY Hanukkah cards. This year’s:

Front: On the first day of Hanukkah my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree.

Inside: On the second day of Hanukkah we had partridge and latkes in a lovely pear sauce.

Man, I love my grandma. She sent us a menorah last year, and this year she sent my aunt by with presents for each night. Even though she knows we’re primarily sorta lapsed pagan, she holds out hope that her great-grandchidren will somehow grow up to be good Jews. :slight_smile: My kids are all under 6; they just think it’s awesome that they get to open presents before Christmas. Tonight they got their gelt. Chocolate fingers EVERYWHERE.

Sorry for babbling on, but I don’t have any Jewish friends so I don’t get to tell anyone about this stuff who would fully comprehend what I’m talking about. :slight_smile:

Have a good Hanukkah, guys ;j

MY gelt this year is chocolate coins with little Texases on them. I got them in Texas. (Big surprise there)

Now, who here wants to play strip dreidel? :smiley:



Look! Successful ASCII art! It’s a menorah. Y’know, one of those real modern ones. Oh well. I’m trying.

Chappy Chanukah!

p.s. my husband is the best darn latke maker in the East.

I think I caught a gafilte fish!!

I like Matza and butter. Yum.


That, of course, should read: ;j

Green Bean, again we disagree.

You’re wrong: it’s my mother who makes the best latkes in the East.

Neat-o. I didn’t know that.

You’re both wrong. I make the best latkes in the East.

And I always make sure I have sour cream AND applesauce, dernit.

My mom’s SO is Jewish, and he has also been a friend of my family for nearly 30 years. His late wife taught my mom to cook several Jewish dishes. I’ve loved latkes for many, many years. I prefer sour cream with mine. Yum, yum, yum!

I’m going to see my mom & her SO on Christmas Eve, and I can’t wait to see my daughter’s face when she sees a real menorah, and hears Mike do the prayer. My daughter has a rough idea of what a menorah is (she’s only three), but now she’s finally old enough to start comprehending. I’m going to have her sing the Dreidel Song to Mike, too. He’ll love that. She learned it from a book I bought for her last year–“Winnie the Pooh and the Hannukah Dreidel.” I am NOT kidding! :smiley:

Chag sameach l’culam!

I couldn’t find any candles that fit my stupid Hanukkiah, so I lit a votive candle and said the bracha over that. Either I need to get a new Hanukkiah tomorrow or I will shortly run out of votive candles. I’m going to the bakery before work tomorrow so I can bring sufganiyot to my coworkers, too. Mmmm . . . sufganiyot. . .

BTW, settle your latke competition by sending me samples to judge. :slight_smile: