Cute things kids say: The Election

On Tuesday night, my husband and I were following the election results on CNN as our three-year-old daughter went to bed. On Wednesday afternoon, as my daughter was waking up from her afternoon nap, I was watching CNN again. My daughter walks into the room, looks at the TV, turns to me, and in this exasperated little voice says, “Isn’t that vote stuff over yet?”

Considering that this is her first presidential election, I can’t tell if she is enormously perceptive or simply bored.

That pretty good Tamex. lol

My 6 yr old daughter freaked me out about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Sitting at the dinner table, my wife and i chit chatting about the day, when my daughter comes out with “Mommy, Daddy, who are you going to vote for? Al Gore or George W Bush? I think i like Al Gore cuz he’s younger and cuter than George W Bush.”

Needless to say, my jaw and fork hit the table at the same time as i looked at my wife and said, the things first graders are learning, and proceeded to laugh my arse off.