Cutest baby ever? The votes are in...

And in a landslide victory, my daughter is the winner!

I know what you’re thinking; “Dob, their are millions of babies in the world how could yours (no matter how freakin cute) have won such a contest?” Good question, and one I would expect from the parents of a baby who came in second, and I wont lie… it wasn’t easy.

Their were some voting issues, the first vote count was 4-0 in favor of, but after careful review we realized me and the wife voted twice. So we had to do it over again! Elections are tricky!

This time however, we had two grandparents and a Aunt, count and confirm the vote. All 3 concluded that everything was done on the up-and-up, and the title of “Cutest Baby” was conferred.

Now I know that some parents on this board will be disappointed with the outcome. Everyone had their own favorites after all, but I think if you review the evidence (see pic above) and step back and review all the facts i think you will see this was done as fairly as possible (given that we only had access to our own baby).

Of course I expect last minute entries and protests, but I feel certain that the fair, honest, and discerning folks here on the SDMB will back me up :slight_smile:

She is cute, but the only reason she one was because my nephew was a late entry.

It’s not his fault, he didn’t even know about the contest till the day after. The contest information was in a basement room in a locked filing cabinet with a sign on the door that said, “Beware of cougar.”

Good! You found the complaint room as well! :slight_smile:


I mean it not like she’s a kitty or anything but she’s ok :slight_smile: .

She’s very cute.

But my baby has held the title of cutest girl ever since January 2003.

I will allow you the title of cutest girl under 4 - but that is all I am willing to compromise.

If i can figure out photobucket when I get home, I may have to enter another contender…

Good Lord, Dob, that is one adorable kid.

Whaddaya say, Poysyn? We’ll give her first place in the 2-4 age group? (Seeing as how “under two” is taken) :slight_smile:

Well actually she is under two still (18months)… sooooo…

p.s. Great baby smile!

I totally came in here just to say, ‘‘babies aren’t cute.’’

…But damn. Those are some cute babies.

This is my first photo link ever, so be sure to let me know if it doesn’t work


Uh oh…

Ahh, very good then…she can certainly claim the “Under 19 Months” award then. Congratulations!

Damn glad this isn’t really a competition. That is one amazingly cute little one you’ve got there. I’d have to play the quasi-legal “Baby and puppy” card to try and compete. :smiley:

If you have Facebook, you can feast your eyes upon my stunning four year old -

I am willing to concede :smiley:

How about the 8 months category?

Hmmm… this is some tough competition.

I think you have best 'do nailed.

Ha-ha, well played! I would have to check the rules on foreign objects allowed during competition, but thats pretty damn cute!

Well, assuming Grandkids count (and of course they do!) I think I’ve got the 24 month catagory all to myself.

Witness her cuteness:

Cute and

HillKat (Proud Nana)

Let’s just hope the folks from this thread don’t look in here.

All the submissions so far peg the squee meter. I haven’t seen any cuter babies, but please consider my submission to the negative months category. Baby Abigail just entered the outside world on Monday, and I haven’t seen her yet, but I’ll put her in as a contender based on Mommy’s smiles and freckles alone.

That’s some major cuteness on display there, Hillkat!