cuts through nails, my ass!

ahh, the 18 volt recipricating saw that does not cut through nails.

ok fine.

i hate toxic black fucking mold from hell.\

so much for my extra bedroom.

power tools and cider.

my first posting from home (all others from work)

Let me be the first to say, what the fuck?

Let me be the first to say, Pardon?

Let me be the first to hazard a guess:
ahh, the 18 volt recipricating saw that does not cut through nails.

Sopmeone told he or she otherwise. A shame.

ok fine.

I am confused by this. I thought it wasn’t fine.

i hate toxic black fucking mold from hell.

Yeah, it’s awful shit. Good luck with removing that.

so much for my extra bedroom.

A shame, that.

**power tools and cider.


Well, obviously, he or she partook…oh, hell, never mind. Let me be the second to say both ‘What the fuck’ and ‘Pardon’.

ok, i bought this set of tools, one of which is a recipricating saw, cause they said it would cut through nails. i have some water damage in the basement, where the extra bedroom is, and toxic black mold is now growing in the drywall, which i have to remove.

i thought the saw would help, but it doesn’t. it’s ok now though, cause forcing my way through from the other side with a hammer is work8ing rather well.

and i have put down the saw now that i have opened more cider. i will only operate a power drill, for the screws now.

toxic black mold is hell though. and if i spent $200 onthis it damn sure ought to cut through the nail, as the guy said it would. let me charge the battery, but i still don’t think thats the prob. cause it wouldn’t cut through the fake woood paneling either.

What brand?
My co-workers use cordless recipricating saws, and they work pretty good.*
They’ve got Dewalts.
*the saws work pretty good :wink:

it is fun to go from the closet to the bedroom without using the door though :slight_smile:

ryobi, but i may need to charge or use a different blade/ i am a newbie a demolition :slight_smile:

you are using a wood cutting blade, you must use a metal cutting one

With much hesitation I bought the ryobi 18v 4 piece tool set (sawall AKA, circular saw drill and light) And have been very impressed. I have cut through nails many times w/ it

well, that makes sense ;~

i’m feeling a bit light headed, and i’ve got this strange rash…

maybe it’s the mold, but i love you guys :slight_smile:

no more saws, i’ll use the back of the hammer…

thanks, kanic, i think that’s the same set, but i’m scared now.

did i mention i have a plastic bag on my head?

No, you didn’t.

DNFTT, folks.

The set was $200 so it is most likely the same. I have done and continue to do some serouus remodeling and those tools have been well worth it and more. Sure I would love the 18V 4 piece DeWalt but if my set disappeared I’d save the $600 and buy this one again.

Also I would warn you that with out some form of ventalation or a way to remove CO2 and replace the O2 you are using you will die w/ a plastic bag over your head, well we will all die someday but you will much sooner, but then again if you can read this reply then the plactic bag you have overy your head is a non-issue.

All right, at this point I’m cheering for the mold.

only over my hair, actually.

if i were a troll, i would be about the most boring troll ever.

i used to be jwhee, starter of the bambi defense thread.

otherwise, i usually keep to myself. as i said in the op, my first post from home.

I can’t decide whether power tools, cider, toxic mold and oxygen starvation is a recipie for disaster or for a fun weekend.

well, at least the kids are with the folks for the weekend :slight_smile:

Between the topics, I’d usually have a valuable comment, but since they’re shaken and mixed together in this improbable mindstew, I’ll close with:

damn this cider I burning your mold