Cutty Sark on fire in London


A fine old ship. I hope there’s not too much damage.

The Fire brigade are saying it’s 100% ablaze. Not good news.

The video footage certainly doesn’t look too good.

Under control

ZOMG! Someone save the mediocre scotch!

someone had to say it :slight_smile:

I saw some of the aerial shots on the news this morning, looks pretty ravaged to me. It’s such a shame because it was a fine old ship.

The news reports are saying that 50% of the ship was away for restoration - everything from the deck up I gather. Still a shame though.

Funny, I thought they were talking about the band. :smiley:

That’s a bit of good news. If they have that part restored, they can restore the top deck and fire damage as well. I’d hate to see this fine old ship scrapped.

The fire is now out.

That makes me sad.

Cutty Sark
Captain badkittypriestess

How sad. I hope it can be restored.

I’m glad that the Trust sounds so hopeful for being able to salvage her.
And I hope they do get the twits who set the fire.

Someone in London burned their undergarments?

The word I’m seeing is “damaged” rather than “destroyed” so that’s a good thing.

The news graphics and images make it look like a baked potato had been scooped out, leaving the skin intact, and all of the toppings had already been removed.

Yeah, that’s a really weird analogy, but it does sound like the irreplacable bits were already safe, and the hull itself is essentially undamaged. What burned was just old, tar-soaked wood that should be relatively simple to replace.