Today is "National Act-Like-a-Pirate Day"


Blow me down!

Wait, I say that most every day.

Avast me laddies! Shiver me timbers! Yo ho! Yo ho! A pirate’s life for me!

Like that?

Avast ye salty dogs and mizzen up the lubber deck. Yar!
-Rue. (typing with one eye closed)

Prepare to be boarded, Ye scurvy internet dogs!!!

I got overexcited and tried to slide down the sail, ripping it with my cutlass, to rescue a fair maiden. The butter knife broke, the curtains are a mess and the cat wasn’t amused with the wench costume.

[sub]Stupid Pirate Day. Arrr.[/sub]

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
[sub]Francesca, I’ve got tears in my eyes - well done![/sub]


I am Bob, the rhyming pirate. Dig these rhymes and watch me gyrate!

Pass the Grog or face me cutlas, Yarr!!!



Would Yoo Hoo and rum taste good?


Pour me a pint of yer finest grog, and send in the buxom harlots!

Hop into the barrel, darlin’, we’ll do it hurricane style. Arrr.

It shivers me timbers to see that booty, yarr!

I say ol’ chap. Some pillaging sounds like it would hit the spot.

(sorry I’m kind of an wimpy pirate)

There I was, climbing in the winda,
Pistol in my left hand, pistol in my right,
And holding in my teeth a cutlass bright,
My beard was black, one leg was wood,
It was damnsure clear that I meant no good.
…and then I got gobbled up by this fucking dragon. A DRAGON. What the shit?

Aarr! Pass that me that Windows ME disc. I be making you a copy.


Oh. My. God.

I sat here, reading Ukelele Ike’s post while drinking my water. No, I did not spit on my monitor, but that’s the first time I’ve ever shot water out of my nose while choking.
Oh, and in the spirit of the OP, “we are the pirates who don’t do anything!” (From VeggieTales).

Yo ho Yo ho, A pirates life for me, yes no?

National Act-like-a-Pirate Day: Brought to you by the letters “Aaarrrr” and “Aaaye”.

Yarrrr … I’mmm not attractive.