Cyberpunk 2077 playable on Xbox One?

Has anyone here tried playing Cyberpunk 2077 on an Xbox One? I’m mostly concerned if it’s going to crash every 5 minutes; a few video glitches (e.g. Bethesda) don’t generally bother me.

I don’t play the game on Xbox, but I’m not sure how useful anecdotes are anyway, since experiences and opinions will vary. But I can report what the official word is.

There was a patch last year (June 2021) fox Xbox One which CDPR said should allow for “satisfactory” gameplay.

I haven’t seen any updates since, though I assume that as per the above article, they are “working on the overall efficiency” of the game on the platform.

If anecdotes are of use to you, I have a couple of friends who said they had plenty of fun playing it on Xbox One since release. They admit there were glitches, but it was playable, and they enjoyed themselves. :man_shrugging:

My main gaming platform is an Xbox One X, but I didn’t want to take chances and have played on my gaming PC with very few problems.

CDPR is supposed to have a Cyberpunk livestream event tomorrow so maybe they’ll have something to say about it.

Those anecdotes have use to me in the sense that at least two people weren’t furiously disappointed and I’m generally pretty easy-going. Thanks!

I played it at launch on xbox1. It’s playable. Is there glitches? Yes. Does it need refinement? Absolutely. And yeah, it crashed every few hours. But a lot less than fallout 4, which was almost every hour. I got it as a gift and knew nothing about it going in. So I had no expectations or investment for it to live up to. So no disappointment. I enjoyed the 140 or so hours it took me to get through it. There have been several updates since I played.

Define ‘playable’. I have a friend who got the custom Xbox One X and tried, both around month 2 (because of all the launch bugs) and again 3 months ago or so. He said that if you dropped the visual fidelity and most of the effects to moderate (or less, see below), the game was stable (crashed twice in 4 hours, so Bethesda level) but looked pretty crappy if you wanted a good framerate.

So he could get decent appearance at 30fps, or crappy at 60fps. So, depends on what you want, but with the One vs X, you’ll probably need to go with the looks 2 or so generations old to get a playable framerate.

OTOH, he says playing the Playstation 4 version on his Playstation 5 is super smooth, even without a PS5 specific version.

As you can probably tell, he is very invested in having latest gen consoles and computers. The luck stiff.

Here is a little video on if the game is playable on consoles a year or so after release.

Just an update, apparently the ‘next gen’ console patch went live today (43 some Gig) which has it fully optimized for the Xbox One X/S and the PS5.

So I suspect they’re done getting it as playable as possible on the last, last gen consoles. Which per my comments and the excellent video provided by @Mahaloth confirms it as at least, playable for a reasonable but not amazing quality of playable. :slight_smile:

My concern with the OP and owners of older gen systems, is that if they do develop DLC down the road as promised, if they’ll be build around the current expectations of X/S/5 or still playable even at the current level of quality on the older systems. Time will tell.

I fully expect to be playing on a new game system two years from now (say). If that means buying an “Ultimate Version” of Cyberpunk down the line, I don’t really have a problem with that; for instance, I think I have multiple versions of Borderlands 2 and Bioshock – one original version and one that was bundled with something else.

Then you’re Gold. :slight_smile: I’m part of the PC player group (my only console is a second-hand PS3 that lives as a Blu ray player) so normally I piecemeal replace bits as they age out. And I live in fear that my Graphics card could explode while the prices to replace it are unbearable. :roll_eyes:

Okay, summary of the new 1.5 patch is now available, and pertinent to my prior concern is this blip-


  • Added a few secrets in Night City to be discovered by players. Due to some technical challenges, this change is not available on the previous generation of consoles.

So, good think @hogarth is planning on a next gen console, because that bodes poorly for quest updates/DLC on prior gen.

Other things the Xbox One did not get that rolled for the S and new systems were the improved crowd reactions, ray-tracing, or the other ‘visual quality improvements’. But they got the other cosmetic improvements (ability to change appearance, game balance new apartments and housing based buffs).

I was happy with how the game played on my Xbox One, although the quality of the graphics was not as good as Witcher 3. The most common graphical bug I encountered (aside from stuff like frame drops or loading textures) was seeing floating loot items every once in a while. I think I also saw a person driving an invisible car one time, but that’s about it.