KOTOR2: Obsidian and Lucasarts can kiss the fattest part of my ass.

Knights of the Old Republic II looks like a great game!

Of course, it doesn’t fucking WORK. 75% of all new level loads - crash! 75% of all saved game loads - crash! Half the fucking time I start it up - crash!

Their lame response to my tech support E-mail was to

  1. Adjust the date/time,
  2. Delete the saved games, and
  3. Clear the cache.

No improvement of course. The XBox works perfectly well with all other games, it’s clean, I take care of it like a baby. No mods. The game is fucking screwed.

You know, it was bad enough that PC game makers never release a game anymore that isn’t rife with bugs. But this is a CONSOLE GAME!!! It’s not supposed to have bugs! Not this many, anyway.

Fucking losers. Well, there’s one Christmas present shot to hell. (Of course, this one was bought for me in another country, making a return near impossible.)


A console game that crashes?! Wow, I didn’t know that happened…of course a lot of consoles these days seem to have similar hardware/software as PC’s anyway, so maybe that’s the reason? :confused:

Somewhere the decision was made to launch in time for the Christmas season to make money.

That’s lame as fuck that a console game be that buggy. With PCs it’s almost understandable, what with all the different hardware that it might be run on. But a console? No doubt they decided to skip most of the testing to get it out for the holiday season.

Seems that a lot of pc developers that have gone to the consoles to make more money can’t not release a buggy game.

The original KOTOR was a buggy pile of crap on the PC as well. No game should have a bug that not only causes it to crash once an hour or so, but also frequently corrupt your save game while doing so. That they hadn’t released a patch for such a fundamental problem a full year after the game was released is just the crowning turd on what really ruined a pretty good game. But rushing out a release on an unpatchable console? Looks like contempt for customers is now pretty much SOP at LucasArts these days.

Luckily the Xbox is not “unpatchable”. Hopefully your problem is not isolated and a patch will be released to remedy the situation. You do have Xbox Live don’t you?

I feel your pain though. The whole beauty of consoles is that the hardware is all the same so any game you buy WILL WORK. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Bugs are rife in many games, lax testing and a rushed schedule the most probable cause.

And I was looking forward to getting KOTOR II.

Well, not really. First up, the Xbox is the only console that uses PC hardware. Second, crashing on PCs is generally due to their being so many different combinations of PC hardware that it is not possible to test for bugs on all of them. An Xbox however, despite being built on PC type hardware, should be the same as any other Xbox so testing should be a no brainer. Of course, it is well known that Xboxs come with various different brands of DVD drive, so who knows what other internal variations may have come out in the past couple of years?

Ah, didn’t think of that; completely forgot the Xbox had a hard disk. Do you have to pay the subscription to receive patches, or do you just need to have an internet connection?

(Of course, given their performance with KOTOR I, whether a patch will even be forthcoming is debatable…)

Halo 2 has been patched this way, but Bungie is a little more caring about their customers.
XBOX Live is a subscription service. Some of the games come with free 2 or 3 month trials so check inside the box - it’s usually a scratch off card. I also got 3 free months with a new controller I bought. I actually have several of these freebies so if you can’t find one, I can send you the activation code from one of them.
(Unless that’s illegal. I can’t imagine why it would be though.)

You need a Live subscription if you want to download a patch. I’m sure they could provide a patch via a free disc with an Xbox magazine or something, but I don’t know that that’s ever been done before. And you’re right, there may well not be a patch. I don’t think console developers set aside any time for patches.

So far I’ve not had any problems with crashes on my version. I’ve heard of others having similar issues, however, but no idea why the results seem to vary so randomly.

I’ll make the same plea here as I did in last week’s KOTOR2 pit thread:

Pretty please, don’t post any spoilers for the game in here.


and fire 1/3 of the programmers to cut down on Xmas bonuses…

LucasArts is responsible for quality assurance on the titles it publishes, and I don’t know nothing about Obsidian, so just make sure you invite the right people to the ass-kissing.

That said, I’m about 10 or so hours into KOTOR 2 and haven’t had any problems with it at all (except for the general “not quite as good as the first” malaise).

Are you playing it off your hard drive? I have an older X-Box and the only crash I’ve experienced so far while playing it off the disc has been when my roommate was exploiting a known infinite experience bug.

It does load pretty slowly and I do think the game desperately needed more polishing.

I should note that I’ve finished the game twice so far and my roomate has finished it once. We’ve probably logged over 100 hours on the game.

I have an older X-box and am playing it off the disc. I didn’t even know playing it off the hard drive was an option. How do I do that?

It’s not, on a stock Xbox. It is possible though, to put a “mod chip” into your Xbox that will allow you to copy games onto the hardrive and play them off there direct. People have also installed PC OSs on it (Linux I think). Of course, it is a legal grey area as it allows you to make a copy of a game which you are not supposed to do. Xbox Live will not work on a modded Xbox.

Call up LucasArts. Complain about it. Ask about a rolling revision and whether you can swap discs.