Czarcasm: A word, SVP

Don’t you think that’s a little much?

I mean, really, the discussion is continuing fine and you lay the major buzz-kill on it. I realize the election is over and the forward-looking is way early (trust me, no one more than I knows how long four years can be in politics) but it’s got potential to be a fun thread. And there you are bringing it down.

If we’re going to be that touching about politics in IMHO let’s just say ‘Keep it out of this forum, please’ and be done with it.

Sometimes one mans great conversation is another mans downer.

Mods call them as they see them.

Accept it and move on.

The thread, which was posted in IMHO, not Great Debates, asked for Democratic recommendations for the 2008 presidential race. It did not ask for yet another Hillary Clinton debate, and it did not call for words like “imbecile” or “idiot.” While I might have gotten Weirddave’'s political affiliation incorrect, I still say that his comments were rude and off-topic.

I nominate Czarcasm in 08.

It seems pretty standard that the mods prefer polls to remain exactly that. IMHO, it’s because people are less likely to respond to a poll if they have to worry that their opinion is going to be jumped all over. If a poll goes into IMHO, and not Great Debates, then I agree that it should be a matter of “give your answer and move on.” If you want to jump all over someone’s opinion, take it to the Pit or GD.

Wow…Weirddave rude and off topic. Who’d a thunk.

So, people aren’t allowed to comment on other posters opinions in IMHO? What the hell is the point of posting to the forum, then? Just read the OP, write your answer on a piece of paper, then throw it away.

Certain comments and opinions belong in certain forums.

This is news to you?

You should look up the term irony sometime, or perhaps the old “Pot/kettle/black” saying. It might help you understand better why you’re a board joke.
Czarcasm, you asked that I take the discussion here, so I am reposting my last querry to you, because I really want to know. I always try to follow the rules for the forum I’m in, and your reaction came completely out of the blue, because I thought I was within the rules.

See post #3 of this thread.

Dave may well have used words that I would not have and that are rude, I agree.

But simply saying ‘it did not ask for another Hillary Clinton debate’ is, at best naive, Czarcasm.

For the next four years the path to the democratic nomination in 2008 runs through the office of the junior Senator from New York and that’s all there is to it. Let me sum this up:

There is no objective way to discuss the next Democratic Presidential nominee without frankly and at length discussing Hillary Clinton, her chances for the nomination, and her positives and negatives. No way at all.

In short, the topics almost requires, to be at all valid, a discussion of Senator Clinton. If the thread avoided it all honest persons should avoid the thread as being less than complete and unworthy of attention.

Thank you.

Jonathan Chance, if that’s true, then it doesn’t belong in IMHO at all, as far as I’m concerned. If there is no way to post a poll on who we think the Dems will run in '08 without it turning into a debate worthy of, you know, GD, then Czar should be more proactive in closing threads on that topic that spring up in IMHO.

I don’t know if I agree with the above. It’s more of a hypothesis and a conclusion than an actual position on my part. But my point stands: We have multiple fora on this board, and only one of them is devoted to debate. While we can have discussion in any forum, Weirddave didn’t exactly ease the transition between IMHO BSing and hard-core GD jousting.

I’m taking Czarcasm’s side on this one.

Thank you?
Thank you??
What the hell kind of BBQ Pit response is that, I ask you? How the flying fuck am I supposed to get a rep in this forum if you respond with politeness?


It’s OK. Go ahead and lay the smack on me. I’m polite enough to take it well and you’ll earn some street cred.


You do know what opinions are like don’t you?

Thank you you syphilitic goad felcher?


goat felchers can’t spell!

Maybe the goat was a prude?

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