CzechMaster401k, that 'joke' was way out of line

:rolleyes: Let’s wait for CzechMaster401k to respond before anyone says something.

Spoooooky, or what?

Once the shock of realizing that I had prophecy powers had subsided, I realized that I had to defend myself.


I’m sorry, but you didn’t leave me room for much of anything else. My first sincere, no-holds-barred pitting and I don’t even get a ritual dagger or anything.

I mean, way to piss on my candle.

Cite, eh?

Um… the search function’s not working… No, that’s not it - um I don’t know how to link…

Err… my dog ate it.

Oh, my bus is coming. Yes, that’s it. Train, in fact, my train’s coming. Have to go.

No joke posts in the Pit, please. Have a genuine rant ready before you start typing.