Dachshund Expert Needed!!!

Okay so I already know that this dog is, how should we say, HIGH MAINTENANCE. I mean he is a shadow dog, always wanting to be near me, on me, watching the same gameshow, etc. He is quite lovable, as he only weighs 12 lbs, but his habits are outweighing that cute factor to the point that I just don’t want the dog around anymore (not really, but he is just a major pain).

I have owned this dog for 4 years now and let me tell you it has been one disappointment after the other. Let me list a few problems.

  1. Housebreaking. He just doesn’t get the picture. He can be perfect for 3 months and then, it is back to puppydom. The other day I kicked a “crunchy log” that had been there for at least a few days but I never saw it. I was steamed to say the least. Now I have him back on restriction.

  2. Destructiveness. The dog has done well here and has come a long way, but he is still a terror and will destroy something for what appears to be no valid reason.

  3. Smell. Is there anything to do with this dog’s odor and breath? I mean I’ve smelled barnyard animals that aren’t as bad as this dog. Granted I give him a bath at least once a month sometimes more frequently but this will sometimes cause him discomfort and or dander. Breath? Ughhh - I give him breath busters but that is a quick fix. He does have a tendency to pack food away in his “scissorjaw” and I have to get it out by massaging his cheeks.

  4. Peeing. Reach down to pet him when you first get home and watch out!!! If someone comes to the house I have to make sure they don’t pet the dog until he calms down, if he even does that.

  5. Hardheadedness. The dog does what he wants to do until I have to literally get up out of my chair. Then he understands that I am not just mouthing words to him. It is almost like he is testing how far he can go. And he used to go to his “house” whenever I told him to. Now he just looks at me like “oh yeah? what are you gonna do if I don’t?”

These are problems that I have just lived with. He has made a world of progress since I first got him but have I reached the limit to his learning curve? Is there any way to get him to shape up? Dachsunds can live for a looooooooong time from what I’ve read.

It’s funny you started a thread on this.

My mini-dachsund(12 pounds as well) is quite the same. He doesn’t pee or destroy things, but he is hard-headed. He is the most stubborn animal I have ever met.

He is extremely smart and chooses not to come to you if he doesn’t want to. He looks at you like he has no idea what you are talking about.

I love him to death, but he can drive me crazy as much as any human. A few years ago, I wondered if he had psychological problems, but I’ve learned this is a dachshund trait. They are weirdos.

He is quite loveable and very fond of all of us. He isn’t too loud and wags his tail with joy all the time. He can just get…odd sometimes. He has mood swings.

In short, yes, I think you have reached your limit in training. I’m sorry to say it.

I’m afraid my anecdotal evidence contradicts Mahaloth’s somewhat. I grew up with a dachshund (short-haired, not miniature but the runt of the litter) and never noticed any of the traits you described. I have no idea how she was trained, however.

Is your dachshund in fact a miniature dachshund (I think that’s a seperate variety), or is it just small?

I have the same problems also. We got lucky with the paper-training, and we don’t walk her, so she goes in her designated area on the tray with the paper on it. We try and always have a rawhide stick available, and she’ll chew that when she gets in a chewy mood and starts destroying things. You gotta stay on top of it and always have a replacement somewhere for her to chew.

The hardheadedness is impossible to fix. If I want her to come, I have to go pick her up. If we take her outside on the leash, she doesn’t walk, so we have to carry her. If she wants to be with mommy (we call ourselves mommy and daddy to her, it’s sad really) then it doesn’t matter if I call her, she just sits there and makes this pathetic yelpy noise until mommy picks her up. She’s also very sneaky, and will break the rules when you’re not looking.

Overall though, she’s the cutest most lovable animal I’ve ever known.

Dachshunds. Notoriously hard headed. :wink:

I’d recommend you join a breed-specific mailing list. There’s a whole bunch here.

There are also lists for training as well.

I wish you luck. :slight_smile:

One small piece of advice here:

Don’t bother giving your dog (any dog) a command unless you are quite willing to enforce it. They all know the difference, regardless of breed.

Works with children too. :wink:

Well, they’re about 10 years older now. So I guess maybe what we really need to be asking is: can you teach an old dachshund new tricks?

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