Daffy Duck: 'We're shoving right off agiiiiiiiin!'

What is the name of the cartoon in which Daffy Duck sings Over the Seas Let’s Go, Men? The thing that I remember is that he gets a little manic and sings:

We’re shoving right off agiiiiiiiin!
We’re shoving right off agiiiiiiiin!
We’re shoving right off agiiiiiiiin!
We’re shoving right off agiiiiiiiin!

and then something probably happens to him.

“Duck Amuk”

It’s the one where Daffy goes to war with his animator.

who turns out to be Bugs Bunny

Thanks, but it’s not that one. He does sing the song, but not in the way I remember it. In the one I’m thinking of, he sings ‘We’re shoving right off again’ three or four (or more) times, stretching out the ‘agiiiiiiiiin’. He might have been drunk, or struck on the head, or just crazy.

I don’t know the answer, but I’m picturing a blackened, post-explosion Daffy dazedly mumbling “shovin’ right off againnn…”

The song was used often in WB cartoons. Here’s one example.

It doesn’t exactly match my recollection, but that’s been known to be faulty on occasion. But the way Daffy Duck sings the song (mocking the sailor) is what I was thinking of. So it looks like Conrad the Sailor is it.



2nd favorite cartoon… I think you mean Conrad the Sailor. btw fave cartoon is Kitty Ventriloquist Tom and Jerry “Meeeowwww, Meeoowww”

The name of the song is “Song Of The Marines”. It’s been around since 1937. I believe the other posters are correct with the Looney Tunes episode (“Duck Amok”). Non-Daffy Duck/Conrad versions are all over youtube.

Zombie or not, when I saw the thread title, a memory from waaay back poked the brain and recalled the lyric:
Sally and Sue, don’t be blue…

It was pretty old when I first saw it, that’s for sure.