Obscure cartoon scene, with no information

I saw a cartoon in the late-'60 or early-‘70s. I don’t remember if it was colour or black-and-white. I don’t know the era it came from. I don’t know the main character of the cartoon. I don’t know which studio’s style it was. The character might have been a duck, and it may or may not have been Daffy Duck. Or he may not have been a duck at all. So basically… I got nuthin’.

IIRC, the deranged character was motivating in a circle. Or a straight line. He kept singing ♫ We’re shovin’ right off agiiiiiinWe’re shovin’ right off agiiiiiinWe’re shovin’ right off agiiiiiin…

Could it have been Daffy Duck and Conrad the Sailor?

Holly Carp, that was fast! There he is at 00:22.


Daffy Duck, Warner Bros. That song was used in a number of their movies and cartoons.

EDIT: Damn, I have to start reading more in these threads! :frowning:

For the record, here is the song in a Dick Powell movie from 1937:

Here are a couple of other WB standards also used in their cartoons:

The structure they parade past is the Parliament building in Ottawa.

That takes me back - “we’re shoving right off for home again!”