Daily Kos's GOP Rape Advisory Chart: Now with updates!

Oh, how I would love to skewer and burn to a crisp every ignorant, apathetic, deluded, uneducated, clueless, sadistic, and just plain perverse POS quoted on this chart–and anyone who supports or votes for them.

An abstract before you begin:

–rape babies are a gift
–just relax and enjoy the rape
–the woman’s body will prevent conception during rape
–the slut was asking for it
–just get over it already
–husbands could not possibly rape their wives
–rape victims are just imagining their victimhood

and so on.

It’s timely. But then again, it always is.



Those are the guys who want to control what a woman can do with her body- as if they had any idea. But when has that ever stopped a Republican before?

They’ll just say that the fetus is defenseless child and it’s being murdered by the abortion.

It’s a grand old party, ain’t it?

Not directly relevant to the marvelous Republican Rape Advisory Chart (RRAC), but I couldn’t help think of this story about the Minnesota state rep who ended his campaign after his own daughter revealed that he had sexually abused her throughout her childhood. Do you really have to ask about this perv’s party affiliation?

It’s not that all perverts are always Republicans, and certainly not that all Republicans are perverts. It’s just that the correlation is so damned amazingly strong!

I’ve thought about this. It has to be confirmation bias.
I’d love a chart with a list of all politicians who’ve been charged with a sex crime or infidelity. Because it really seems that the ones who crow the loudest about “family values” are most likely to be busted in a hotel room with a teenage boy.

Why? What law of the Universe would mandate that? What law of the Universe would mandate that some childish notion of “fairness” were upheld by the relative incidence of rapists and sexual predators in each party?

Aside from that obvious question, there’s the obvious observation: When one party is a party of preserving a sex-negative household under autocratic control, and the other party is, at least, open to revising that concept of the household, it would make all the sense in the world for the kinds of criminals who do the crimes best shielded by the sex-negative autocratic household to congregate in the party dedicated to preserving the underlying institution best suited to covering up and enabling their criminality. In short, are you really shocked when it looks like all the White racists just happened to end up in the Ku Klux Klan?

As I said, I’d love to see a cite.

Does the cite have to treat infidelity as morally equivalent to rape?

Reductio ad absurdum rears its mushroom-shaped head. No, doofus, they’re not morally equivalent or even equivalent, but I’m sure you knew that when you posed your ridiculous, distracting, and pointless question.

However, they both qualify as sexual misconduct. They have that in common,

Do you think you could come up with a Democratic Party Rape Advisory Chart that could even remotely compare with the plethora of Republican participants in the one cited in the OP?

The difference as I see it is that Dems may sometimes have miscreants in their midst, as might any party, but the GOP is rotten to its very core. The point of the OP cited article is that this is a party that pretty much proclaims misogyny as a core value.

… you don’t get sarcasm, do you?

You also don’t read the posts of the person I’m replying to, either, which is an even more serious flaw.


I said yes I think the republicans own sleaziness, I’d like to see some nice laid out proof.

Derleth goes off on some crazy tangent.

Yes, the Rape advisory chart shows the crap put out by the GOP. Now I want to see something along the lines of "30 senators have been accused of sexual assault in the last 10 years. 25 of them were republican.

THE POINT is republicans replying with “both sides” arguments. I want a clear rebuttal with facts.

The Hell you did. You said “It has to be confirmation bias.”, which is the same kind of Both Sides Do It nonsense that effectively shields the one party which does, in fact, Do It.

Yes, I suppose that’s how you’d describe a logical rebuttal to your point.

You’re right, I said “I’ve thought about this”. I didn’t know you would completely misunderstand that. My apologies for your freak out.

“Does the cite have to treat infidelity as morally equivalent to rape?”

Yeah, crazy tangent. Only makes sense if you are busy misunderstanding the first part.

I agree with this entirely. And as I said, I’d like to see some numbers. ETA, proof that it isn’t confirmation bias.

I don’t see a tangent.

You were the one who said “I’d love a chart with a list of all politicians who’ve been charged with a sex crime or infidelity.” You want a single chart that puts infidelity and sex crimes together. He is perfectly correct in saying that they are not the same thing, and that mixing them together would taint any results.

I will also add that infidelity statistics will be quite sparse due to such most often not being known to the public. In fact, I would suspect that those with “family values” and such would be over reported, as being a hypocrite is more newsworthy.

I would instead suggest that sex crimes would be a better statistic by itself. Though I guess looking at infidelity by itself while also comparing with a control group of other famous people might also create useful results.

Finally Io note that it is entirely unclear if you believe it most likely is confirmation bias or not. Your first statement says yes, but your later agreement with all the reasons it is likely not confirmation bias suggests otherwise.

I personally believe there is a real effect, but it is amplified by the “hypocrisy reporting factor” I mentioned earlier. My reasoning is the existence of the psychological phenomenon of “projection,” and the fact that I definitely see it in other situations on the right, e.g. attacking the left for doing what the right actually does.

Quite a few women buy into this as well, as is sadly clear from the chart.

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