daily servings of fruits and vegetables

Is anyone (other than vegetarians) eating the recommended 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables, not just occasionally but day after day? Fruit flavored Pop Tarts, hard lemonade and “avocado dip” (you know, not real guacamole but that icky green mayonnaise stuff) don’t count.

I’m definitely not. I havent had any vegetables that weren’t on a pizza or burger yet this week.

Funny, I thought it was 5-7…

Anyhow -

Most days I think I’m making it. But most folks don’t understand that the “servings” mentioned are much smaller than what folks take as “servings”. For instance, half an apple is one serving.

So… the mixed fruit I have at lunch plus the beets and salad is about three servings right there. Add in the vegees with the stir-fry at dinner (two servings), plus a glass (or two) of fruit juice (one serving, or two) and there you are. Plus the bread/rice/noodles and meat I may or may not add to all that.

But I’m not claiming to eat that healthy 100% of the time.