Dallas Cowboys Offseason Thread

OK, so I didn’t see a thread for this anywhere. The Cowboys have traded Anthony Henry for Jon Kitna and signed former Falcons LB Keith Brooking. What do you all make of this? Personally I think the trade was a horrible move on the Cowboys’ part. I’ll post more when I get back from lunch.

I agree. Which, of course, makes me very happy. :smiley:

Eh… Henry’s getting up there, and it’s not like he was a lockdown corner even in his prime. That said, I really don’t know why the Cowboys are bothering. If Romo goes down again, the season’s over, no matter who the backup is.

I this really necessary? The NFL Free Agency Thread and the NFL Draft Thread already cover all of this stuff with far more context.

Meh. I don’t want those dirty Cowboys fans bringing their cooties over to our nice clean threads. :wink:

What are the cheerleaders up to?

Depends on what you mean by “going down.” If he shatters his leg, Kitna is unlikely to win a championship in his stead. But If Romo is out for part of the season, Kitna can win some games and keep their season alive.

IIRC, the 'pokes were 1-3 without Romo this year. If they’d have gone 2-2 instead, they’d have made the playoffs. 3-1, and they might have a bye.

Very solid moves for them, IMO.

Owens released!

Yeah, I was just about to post that as well. Good move, IMO.

One less reason to hate the Cowboys!

Of course, they’re still the Cowboys…

I was more interested in the “opinion” that was released earlier today. That the Washington Redskins might be interested in T.O.

Of course, that was refuted later.

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I would love to watch Skins folks, if the 'Skins picked up TO, who would madly backtrack in their disgust for him and start cheering!

:smiley: I was going to post something similar.

I hear rumors that TO will go to the Redskins. I was hating on them when Spurrier was coaching them, so I guess it won’t be too much of a stretch to go back to hating them.

Not surprisingly, I’ve never liked T.O., not am I a Cowboys fan (I live in Texas, but I grew up in New York and I’m a Giants fan).

But even though I don’t much like T.O., I think Jerry Jones was crazy to dump him now, especially the way he did.

T.O. is, without a doubt, an egomaniac… but he’s also a dang good receiver, one of the best ever. He works hard, he has an unmatched training/workout regimen, plays hard, he plays hurt, and even in citiesd where he was a divisive force, you’ll usually find that about half his teammates loved him and thought he was RIGHT in his criticisms of his quarterbacks and coaches.

I think Jerry Jones was foolish to sign T.O. to such a big contract in the first place, but having done so, it’s ridiculous to cut him now! If the intent was to remove a distraction, guess what? T.O. will STILL be a distraction, even after he’s gone! And he’ll continue to cost the Cowaboys against the salary cap.

Since he still costs Jerry Jones money, he’s still going to be a season-long distraction for the Cowboys… what was accomplished by cutting him?

I have now doubt that any number of good teams can use T.O., and one of those good teams will happily sign him. With the possible loss of Plaxico Burress, even my Giants may very well see T.O. as a valuable asset!

If not the Giants, I can easily see the Patriots or Ravens picking him up. Which means T.O.‘s chances of playing in the 2010 Super Boiwl are much BETTER than the Cowboys’.

Cowboys replace Chris Canty (to NYG) with Igor Olshansky (from SD)

T.O signed by Buffalo Bills for 1 year.