Dallas Women, some info/advice?

Okay, so…

What is the appropriate Dallas “look”?? Is full on makeup mandatory? Big or semi big hair? (I’m not kidding, and FTR, I LIKE “big” hair). What is the clothing “look” down there?

I’ve been an Alaskan girl for 34 years. Our "look’ is generally minimal makeup and pretty casual wear for work and play (though of course there are exceptions…Usually from Texas :D).

I don’t want to arrive there looking like some frumpy old hag (or at least try to minimize my frumpy old hagicity as much as possible). I’d like to get a “Dallas makeover” right before I move down. Were I to do that, what would I go for re: makeup, hair, clothing etc???

Also, tell me about Dallas guys. Are they as gentlemanly as they seem to be from TV and the movies? What are they like, other than the really cute accents?