dalovindj is *sooooo* hip!

In this thread, dalovindj explains it all for us, He being The Master of Hip, evidently:

Quick, imbue us with more of your Hip Wisdom, O Hip One, lest we all become Tragically Un-Hip and find ourselves beneath Your contempt!

And one question - is flaming someone for arrogance Hip or Not Hip? I think I missed that lecture…

Esprix, who is evidently Un-Hip for drinking Midori and not getting fall-down drunk on “real” alcohol! :eek:


Thank you thinksnow. That pretty much says it all.

Oh, whatever - nice backpedal. :rolleyes:


Sorry Esprix, but it also looked to me like he was being facetious.

You beat me to the WHOOSH think snow.

I have to admit, I really like this dalovindj cat.

<Spotlight, stool, microphone. An unseen musician strums a double bass.>

I dig this cat to the maximum, man. He’s like, solid, baby, like titanium. His groove is something entirely other. He’s so beat I’ve got bruises. Yeah.

<Fade out to sound of snapping fingers>

Man, you cats took this unhip thread and turned it into a funky little joint. Someone grab that party record . . . and I’ll have another Guiness.


So was this quote from earlier in that thread also in “jest”?:

If I was whooshed, then you need to work on your sarcasm skills.



Damn you’re being idiotic. Yes it is in jest. I couldn’t care less what anyone does or does not drink. I’m just rolling with it for fun. The first rule of Improv is never deny. It would appear plenty of others are able to pick up on my humor. Don’t get down on me cause you lack the skills to figure it out. Chill out and have one of your fruity little drinks. Isn’t your screen name a cheesy 80’s tennis shoe?


Fine, I was whooshed; I recind the OP, and would request a mod to close the thread.

Gonna go have a “fruity little drink” now. Or should I take a pot-shot at your screen name first? :rolleyes: My sarcasmometer may have been off today, but you’re still a jerk in my book.


Before the thread is closed, is it thinks now or think snow? I’ve always read the name as thinks now, but Diane seems to parse it think snow.

At least you admitted your mistake. Even if you did it while whining that I’M a jerk.

Jeesh. They start a whole thread to bash you, and then get all bitchy when you fight back. Just another day in the pit. . .

The two are not mutually exclusive - I can be wrong, and you can still be a jerk.

Hope I cleared that up for you.


And what makes me a jerk? You saying so? You not getting my jokes? Me having some fun around here?

Such a silly little man. . . .

Sorry, DJ, but bragging about how you like to drink is just about the most telling sign of immaturity I can think of. Maybe I’m confused; maybe immaturity IS hip now. Who knows? As Dave Barry says, I’m too old to care how hip I am anymore.

My impression from your posting history. Y(and others’)MMV.

It’s nice to know my opinion counts so much with you. I feel the love. Truly.


:: Kamandi bustles over in classic schoolmarm attire (yet with grey wig askew and 5:00 shadow and adam’s apple clearly evident :eek: ) ::

Now, now, now! Do I have to separate you two? Play nice until recess is over.

Yes, Mom!




I wasn’t bragging about drinking. I was discussing the art of drinking. You see many common human activities can be turned into an art. The art of speaking, the art of dressing, the art of walking, and such. You see, anything worth doing is worth doing with style. get it? maybe not. No sweat. But don’t get down on ME for having style. Not caring wether your hip or not IS definately hip by the way.


Hope your next thread works out better. Keep on whining . . .