Lynn B. . . why???

When you took our physical threats, I said nothing for I did not threaten to kick anybody’s ass. When you took our jokes, I was passive because, frankly you scare the shit outta me. But now you come for my drunken posts AND I WILL NOT GO GENTLY INTO THE SOBER NIGHT!!!

Look, my days of drunken posting are gone forever but please, please do not take away the last little bit of fun I can still have with alcohol.

If posting while drunk is against the rules, then I’m breaking them now. As was the case with half of my post-count.

It seems from past experience:

Drunken posts like Eleusis’ OP in MPSIMS… OK
Drunken posts in the Pit… Buh-bye.

Don’t ask me why.

Will Jerry be coming by to install a Breathalyzer on my computer? :dubious:

I looked at it as an improperly placed thread, pro’lly 'cause the poster was drunk. T’wasn’t a rant. poster was waxing eloquent as it were about the movie, meaning of life and all that shit that we think is deep when we’re drunk.

at least that’s how I took it.

IRT: posting while drunk - we’ve had some notable meltdowns via posting drunk, but I’d see it more as a “if you can’t stand to read what you post while drunk” and /or “can’t seem to obey the rules while posting drunk” than “don’t post while drunk”.

I think we should form a club.

With an open bar. :smiley:

Luckily I rarely drink anymore, and when I do I’m rarely at the computer, but god, don’t read any of my posts from more than 3 years ago. I was likely drunk :D.

Uh, I mean ditto.

What constitutes drunk? What if I’ve had one Martini? What if I I’ve had two? What if I’ve haad thr33? Fut if I’ve hda forrr?

:rolleyes: Jeezus, next it’s gonna be ‘Don’t post while you’re high’ or, ‘Don’t post from work’ or ‘Don’t post if you’re in a bad mood’ I’m all for restrictions, and maybe the post was in the wrong place, but IMO, better it be moved than closed. Pimpy.

Oh, come on people…

I’m usually the last one to kiss up to the mods/admins, but let’s be realistic. The post was in the wrong forum, rambled on in a nonsensical (yet strangely poetic) way and pitted absolutely nothing.

I think y’all can cut Lynn a break in this case. Doesn’t she take enough crapola to have to explain why she locked that post? And do we really need folks to nitpick and ask things like what constitutes PUI?

This looks a bit like a self-referential joke posting to me. Lynn hand-tore me a new one when I posted a parody pitting several months ago; no mercy, no forgiveness. I learned my lesson, but I think I’m still probably on her s**t list.

Hope you have good health insurance.

Were you a hall monitor in school? Jeez, just when the thread starts to become fun, you have to come along and bring up the OP. I’m so upset I’m gonna grab a beer.

Yes, she does take a lot of crapola. It comes with the non-paying job. All the mods and admins are suckers, if you ask me. Taking all that abuse just because they love this place.

Still, when an Admin says “Please don’t post while you’re drunk” we need to make it very clear what is meant. I’m hoping she’ll come in here and say she meant "Please don’t post while you’re drunk, Eleusis and then this will all be an unpleasant misunderstand which we will laugh about with our grandkids.

It’s an OP asking about the rules of this board. It’s a serious question. I just don’t feel like cursing and calling people names.

I take that back. I really did feel like cursing.

George Orwell would crap his pants in rage! This is double plus ungood!

P.S. This is an official request to have my user name changed to Winston Smith.

P.P.S. Who wants to have sex with me in the grass? :wink:

Damn, without drunken posts, we never would have had the “Monkey Butler” thread.

I’ll drink to that!

I meant “Don’t post nonsense while you’re drunk.” Actually, I should have just said “Don’t post nonsense, no matter what state of mind you’re in.”

And apparently, the only grandkids I’m gonna have will have four legs and whiskers.