Posting While Intoxicated??

Not necessarily fixing to flame anybody, but I’m curious about the mod action in this thread:

And here’s the quote from Skipmagic:

*Mod Note:

Lobsang, I believe you’ve been told this before (pardon me if I’m wrong), but since I don’t want to check at this moment, I’ll just make this an official note and not a warning:

Please do not post while drunk, under the influence, stoned, lit, bombed, doped, smashed, loaded, high, tripping, liquored up, soused, stewed, plowed, inebriated, plastered, fried, juiced, tipsy, pissed, plotzed, crapulous, soddened, shit-faced, three sheets to the wind (or in the wind–just stay away from everything more powerful than a lazy breeze), in your cups, or any other term indicating that either drugs or alcohol might be guiding your fingertips.

When you sober up, you’re welcome to start a new thread, but refrain from posting when you’re drunk.*

Huh? Why would there be a rule against posting under the influence? I don’t happen to own a breathalyzer, and even if I did, what BAC is too drunk to post?

It ain’t like there a risk of serious bodily injury or anything. Yeah, perhaps stupidity ensues, but so what? People are different. I strongly suspect there are quite a few posters that could be seriously under the influence and still post better stuff than some other posters do while sober.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

I think there’s a general feeling that posting drunk is a bad idea. **Lobsang **in particular has a history of posting while intoxicated, and those threads have rarely gone well. IIRC, he’s been instructed not to do that before.

So it’s a restriction peculiar to Lobsang? I can live with that.

Yeah. And not just Lobsang-we’ve had some instances in the past where we’ve had people post some really out there, rage filled bullshit, only to come back when they’re all sobered up and beg the mods to erase what they wrote.

I mean, they can’t stop you, technically, since there’s no way they’d know IF you really were drunk, but it’s mostly for people who start a bunch of bullshit (like Lobsang) and then regret it later and whine about it.

one of the most flamboyant flame outs was a long term poster posting while drunk.
I don’t think its a general rule, since they don’t usually have a breatalyzer attachment for computers, but certainly if some one who usually is a decent enough sort tends to bizarre behavior while drunk, it’s really the kind thing to do to attempt to intercede.

Back in the day, we had a member who on more than one occasion posted under the influence of some random drug. At least once, it was pot, and I believe one time was also shrooms.

While this makes for fun times for some (perhaps even many), it also makes for situations that can get out of hand rather quickly. Even if such a thread is locked off before anyone can comment, it’s still sitting there as a living testimonial to the person’s abilities (or lack thereof) when mentally incapacitated.

Accompanying this is the tendency to go “Oh, shit. I shouldn’a done that” and try to get such efforts deleted (or, if they weren’t already, closed). Think of this rather like someone starting a thread and then, when it goes bad, asking for it to be closed without bothing to try any clean-up on one’s own.

I am unaware of a specific ruling on members in general posting while on acid/speed/meth/booze/pot/aerosol spray/delirium-inducing hunger spells, but it would surprise me none to find some sort of general “It’s a really bad idea, and we lock such threads off” rule.

Note to Mods: there should be a new rule -


Intoxicated asshatery is already covered under the one guiding principle: Don’t be a jerk.

Small problem: no way to enforce it. Or detect it most of the time, for that matter. There are a number of posters on this board who are barely coherent when sober. Ditto the “mean drunks.” Is Poster X a mean drunk, or just an asshole?

OTOH, some of us get downright eloquent when exposed to a healthy amount of John Barleycorn. Would you deny them, and us, a chance to express and admire this loquaciousness?

What about blazed, tweaked, coked up, sloshed, skippin’ rocks on the mental pond, bashed up, K-lined, flying high again, drugged, befuddled, narcotized, makin’ Chinese eyes, wasted, zonked out, taken the Red Pill & fighting Agents on the Matrix, hopped-up, hyped-out, tanked, sunny, or mainlined? That ok?

True. A world without “mackdonna shoehorn butterhorse” is no world I want to live in.

Don’t ask me. Damn sure ain’t my rule. I recognize that it is always 5:00 somewhere in the world. Or 4:20 for those so inclined. I figure if you post something stupid, ya take your lumps…

I have (relatively) frequently posted while intoxicated. With ethanol, herb, and very occasionally under the infuence of the one heavy CNS stimulant that doesn’t scare the hell out of me. Probably a little LSD back in aught-one, too.

I doubt that it’s possible for an observer to discern which of my posts were PWI, though.

I’m not entirely sure if that’s because I always remain lucid and even-keeled, no matter what insult I’ve inflicted upon my nervous system, or because I tend to talk a bunch of rot when I’m sober as a judge, anyway. Gödelian problem, that.

“Shoehorn butterhorse” has become a treasured part of my vocabulary.

Additionally, considering that it was yet another Lobsang thread about The Girl…well, we can also just call it a mercy killing, regardless of the excuse proffered.

I knew it. And I have relatively frequently found your posts groovy – especially what I perceive to be the ever-so-delicately-herbally-essenced-ones. Or maybe that’s just an occasional lapse into nostalgia on my part.

Too bad that not everyone is so pleasantly influenced. I suspect an over indulgence in demon rum and its kin by some to be the culprit when it goes terribly, terribly wrong here.

I thought I responded to a drunken post once, but I was just remembering this thread. I don’t know what a “nazismem” is, but I’m thinking it should become a cliche like “Og” did.

Meh, I think it’s a stupid rule myself. I mean what does it really matter in the grand scheme of things?

As long as the poster isn’t starting a hundred incomprehensible posts a minute; taking up BW, I really don’t see what the big deal is.

That said, if I were a mod and a poster Emailed me “Ohmygod!! I was drunk please delete my thread.” I would have to respectfully decline.

IIRC the rule has more to do with acknowledging you are drunk, high etc… in your thread. Of course the mods can never know if you are drunk/high without saying as much, so as a rule they warn posters who acknowledge this of the dangers of posting in this manner.

Shut the Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo up!

That Whiskey Tango Foxtrot crap wasn’t cute on day one, nor is it cute now, or ever.

WTF stands for What the fuck?! You’re euphemism (not yours per se, but the one you used) is the most lame attempt at legitimizing swearing since “mother trucker”.

Swear if you like. If not, please don’t twist common epithets into inane bullshit like that.

This deserves a Pit thread of it’s own, but I’d hate to be expected to have to answer the bullshit questions of those that think “Gosh darnit” is harmless. You meant the same thing as “Goddamnit”, you just didn’t say the word. Now you go to heaven, yay!

That said…

There is not now, nor has there ever been, an accurate way to tell if someone is intoxicated by simply reading their typed text. Period. End of story. (apologies to duffer)

The day that SD mods can detect cogent, intelligeble posts made by one who is under the influence, is the day that they can cast aspersions (in a mod capacity) about the poster’s sobriety.

I’m almost regretting having stuck up for Skipmagic, sure he thinks he’s being funny, but that’s not a mod’s place. A mod’s place is to “moderate content” and decide when people are out of line. Sobriety has nothing to do with it. People can be assholes when sober, and can be lucid when drunk. The content was either appropriate or it wasn’t, no need for arm-chair breathalyzing.

I’ve been freebasing Drano for the past two days. Noooooooobody noooooooooooooooticed! Haaaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaaahahaaaaa. So, uh, maybe I need a reprimand and a firm spanking.

OK Dad, time for bed. :stuck_out_tongue: