Lobsang: talk about a persecution complex

Well, here I am Lobsang and IceWolf. You suggested that my comments and opinions were more appropriate to the Pit? OK, pit away. Here’s the link folks. I make NO apologies, apart from the fact that I was STUPID enough to open one of Lobsang’s threads in the first place. I guess that makes ME as much as a moron as I accuse him of being. I humbly apologise for not knowing that any criticism of Lobsang’s post was going to result in him having an attack of self-doubt/self-condemnation and self-flagellation. If only I’d known. Maybe you should make Lobsang’s list of sensitivities one of the ‘Stickies’ at the top of the forum. Then we’d ALL be forewarned. :rolleyes:

The Best Looking Doper Thread.

erm, que?

Would you be even more embarrassed and annoyed if I mentioned the broken link? (Though, with the mention of Lobsang, I wonder if I actually need to read the thread … )

I will happily admit I’m a complete fucktard when it comes to posting links, but I’ll try again:

The Offending Thread!

Here’s hoping this one works!

For fuck sake. Who is the best looking doper?

Um that link is to MSN and talks about idle links :wink:

Third time lucky…Lobsang’s Meltdown

The moral to THAT story is ‘Do Not Try to Post a Link Through Hotmail’ especially when it’s been idling around doing nuffink for a while! :smiley:

No, the moral of the story is “think before acting”.

Lobsang is doing another self-pity thing. He’s not having a melt-down.

I can’t believe that you’ve pitted Lobsang over this, and it’s just staggering that you’ve brought Ice_Wolf is as well.

Well Desmostylus, it might be another self-pity thing from Lobsang to you, but as I have never encountered it before,it was the first time for me. And I brought IceWolf into the equation because she was the one who condemned my approach, then later suggested that my comments were more appropriate for the pit.

Do YOU have a problem with that?

Why are people giving so much time to these sad juveniles ? Half the board seem to have turned into baiters of emotionally retarded teens … surely, the more we do it, the more will come – I see another one from the ‘Isle of Man’ just turned up. It’s pretty clear they love the attention.

If we just leave them alone, surely they’ll just go out and do what teens are supposed to do … go and play in the traffic, or something….

Back to work- ish ……

For gods sake man, don’t do it!

You’re right. It’s Friday. For God sake L_C ! get a grip and prepare for the pub lunch …

Well, I’m sure this will resolve itself one way or another.

Self-pity seems to be pretty common on this board (just like others). You must surely have encountered it before.

Annoying? Maybe. Pit-worthy? Don’t think so.

But it’s not my call. Carry on.

Off to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow then wot?


Off to the Elephant, coming back in a wheelbarrow… maybe :smiley:

Oh, I just remembered that I was pitting someone here…sorry for the interlude folks.:smiley:

Anyway Lobsang, I still reckon you need to get a serious grip on your fragility. (Oh, it is soooo hard to keep a straight face here).

Fer fuck’s sake, stop arking up when someone challenges your OP, OK? Or at least stop chucking the “I’ve been so offended” line when it happens. It’s boring.


Lobsang seems to post only when he’s drunk.
Seek help, dude…seriously.

Very. Fucking. Disappointed. :frowning:

I’m in the mood to pontificate.

Lobsang is an immature toad licker, and that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who recognizes his handle. The linked thread pretty much goes against our charter here. Ignorance is fought; intelligence is valued. I’m as superficial and as shallow as they make them, and even I thought it a pretty piss poor idea. I try to rise above my weaknesses. In a place where our words become the lens we are viewed through, Lobsang’s vapid attempt to gratify himself at the possible expense of the feelings of others makes him as ugly as a twilight shadow is long.

And I’ll just share that in my fairly refined opinion, there are legions of great looking dopers, and it would be a fool who tried to run a popularity contest and put one or two on top. More the fool is Lobsang, who further fails admit a mistake and move on.