Thinking of leaving.


Yeah I know, roll your eyes. but It is dawning on me that I have nothing useful to add.

Before payment these boards seemed to have more ‘fun’ threads and more people closer to my level of intelect.

But now all I seem to be able to do is post ‘me too’ posts or rants about dogs barking, or stupid attempts at humour. Everyone else is posting about politics, religion, art, popular culture, all with superior knowledge.

Maybe it’s the change in the boards or maybe I have changed, but it’s just not fun anymore.
I am realizing that I don’t fit in. And not in a good sense, (quirky, unusual) but in a bad sense (trying in vain to match the wit and intellect of the remaining Charter Members)

FWIW, I don’t think you should leave. I enjoy your posts, which are quirky in a good way. :slight_smile:

Well, rather than abandoning ship entirely, why not take a vacation from the board for a while? I go through periods when I post a lot, others where I find I have little or nothing to say. It seems altogether normal that you too would find yourself at times wondering what’s here for you.

I’d rather you stayed. I enjoy reading what you write.

Don’t leave. If you’re too inhibited to post, why not just lurk?

Aww, I’m pretty dumb. Talk to me!
(Or is the “stupid attempts at humour” you were talking about?)

IMHO you have and always have had a lot to add. I always open your threads.

I had to read this four times before I figured out that by “people closer to my level of intellect” you meant people of lesser intellect, rather than people of higher intellect. My mind just wouldn’t grasp the concept of you feeling intellectually inferior.

Okay, now I’ll do the rolleyes. :rolleyes:

Maybe the boards have changed a bit, but the big problem is that you’re depressed and can’t seem to get out of it. If leaving the SDMB for awhile makes you feel better, then leave please, but don’t leave because you think you’re not wanted or appreciated.

Many of us feel we don’t fit it. Perhaps that’s the biggest thing we have in common. And as for the wit and intellect of the remaining members … again :rolleyes:

You’re fabulous, lobsang. I’d hate to lose you, and I hope you get some relief from your depression soon.

I dunno, Lobsang. Your “if life hands you lemons …” thread seems to be holding up well. I agree with monstro (as usual :slight_smile: ). Why not just lurk awhile?

Huh. You’re one of those folks whose threads I make a point of opening.

But then, I’m not one of those “superior knowledge” posters.

You would be missed, at any rate.

Lobsang, you don’t know me from Adam, but I have read some of your posts and enjoyed them.

I never feel that I fit in, either, because I don’t make friends easily. I don’t seem to be able to connect with people in any memorable way.

And I guess that’s what makes your announcement depressing for me. You always seemed like you were connecting. If you don’t feel you are, what hope have I got? :frowning:

Best wishes.


I really like your choice of username, even though you once said you’d rather have picked Vimes. (I’ve internalized your name to the point that when I read “Seven Years in Tibet” the other day, whenever the Dalai Lama’s brother Lobsang was mentioned I pictured him sitting on the Isle of Man posting to the SDMB)

But I’d like to join the others in saying that I’ve always liked your posts and usually look at your threads. So don’t go! I guess laina_f is right and everybody feels like that sometimes. I’ve also gone through phases where I feel like I have nothing to contribute (last year was a complete loss post-wise). And there’s a signal-to-noise-ratio to everybody’s posts - not every post can be worthy of the Literature Nobel Prize…


NOOOOOOOOOOO! Us quirkies have to stick together. :slight_smile:

Please don’t go. We’ve lost so many talented posters since the conversion, and not all due to monetary reasons. I would hate to lose yet another. You are one of the people who keeps this place fun, one of the reasons I keep coming back. Please stay. Homogeniety would be horrible.

I always find myself reading your posts and I’ve yet to be dissapointed. You’d be missed. If it were supposed to be only for the elite, we’d not have MPSIMS, IHMO, CS, or the Pit. This too shall pass.

I’m a mostly-lurker, but if it’s not too forward, I must say I think you are selling yourself short not including yourself in the group with the wit and intellect! Your posts are consistently enjoyable. I know sometimes it’s hard to see it good things about oneself, but I’d have to say you’re a bright, articulate, funny person, just like the rest of the cream of the boards.

I’m done being embarrassingly effusive, I hope you choose to stay, in short, but if you need a break to get the fun back, then I hope that you choose to come back some time soon!

I concur with the others, Lobsang. Maybe your posts aren’t shining beacons of knowledge illuminating the ignorant and ill-informed in Great Debates or General Questions, but they are fun, quirky and always worth a head-scratching or chuckle.

Take some time off and get out and enjoy life for a bit. When you get the urge come and lurk for a while. Eventually you’ll start posting again.

Until then, a lot of us will miss you and your posts.


I’m a newb and rarely post for the same reasons, Lobsang. I joined this board because of the high quality of the writing here. I don’t post often because I simply can’t contribute at the same level. It’s a rare occasion that I summon up the courage to throw something out there.

That said, I remain because I enjoy reading the threads, including your posts. I would hate to see you leave. Count me in the number who have already stated how much they appreciate your wit.

Boo Hoo man. Every thread I begin sinks like a brick into the abyss, but not before one or two people reproach me for my insensitivity.

Point in case…Trading mud huts

…oh well

Don’t fret. Most of the time, I have absolutely no clue what the fuck all these geniuses are talking about. Just nod and smile!!

Don’t go, the board can’t afford to lose another non US member. IMO it’s the international content which makes this board interesting. I agree though, I am not enjoying the board as much since paid subscriptions, and find I rarely have anything to contribute.

FWIW I always enjoy your posts and I love your posting style, short and to the point. I don’t even bother reading long posts, too much to wade through.

I appreciate all the encouraging replies :slight_smile: And that’s what they are; encouraging. So I won’t just ‘leave’. I’m replying now to acknowledge those replies and say thanks (but I don’t yet have a ‘solution’. I’ll keep thinking about it)
I’m off work for two weeks starting tomorrow. That will probably give me the rest and clear head that I need (I have been getting fed up with work so that is probably manifesting it’self as being fed up with the SDMB)
Gah, sometimes I over-analize. It’s probably just a phase like EddyTeddyFredd describes.
(To be honest I don’t know what to say. I’m just replying to acknowlede all the support)
I’ll keep you posted (so to speak).