Posting While Intoxicated??

On the other hand, this HST-style rant posted while drunk by Sofa King is my favourite SDMB post of all time. And he not only didn’t regret it in the morning, he asked to be reminded of it (and I did so).

So does the misuse of “its” and “it is.”


Dude . . . you been drinkin’?

Not even remotely. Just be another Charlie Fuckin’ Foxtrot.

Somebody’s gotta have the 'srooms thread bookmarked. I used to have a thread I refered to as “The Rabbit Hole”-- a sort of SDMB’s most memorial,-- with links to that and monkey butlers. . …

Gotta see if I can find that thread again.

The infamous “posting under the influence” Doper was Homer. Searching his threads is a goldmine of why you shouldn’t post while impaired.

:: shrugs ::

There’s a rule against being a jerk … you’re more likely to be a jerk when you’re drunk … seems to me that posting while drunk isn’t a good idea.

OK, there’s no definitive way of proving whether you’re drunk or not - however, since Lobsang (a) has a history of PWI, and (b) outright says he’s “under the influence” in his OP, I’m not surprised SkipMagic picked up on these subtle clues.

(And I’ve got no problem with moderators being entertaining while they’re moderating content. It’s a long-standing board tradition.)

Well, this thread specifically. Interestingly, I don’t see any warnings for him, though I’ve only done a superficial search. The threads that were locked were for zombies, not train-wrecks.

“I am the goddamn hall monitor…”

Please don’t come down on the mods for entertaining modding, its part of the charm of the place.

Just say you won’t delete posts under any circumstances, whether the poster was drunk, high, undergoing roid rage, etc. Whatever you post, no matter how far out there or embarassing, stays. It will police itself.

So does the “your/you’re”…

Which makes me cringe every time I see it.

The only difference I see between my posts in which I’m drunk and which I’m not is that I acknowledge my status in the drunk posts. So therefore, from now on I just won’t do that anymore…bwahahahahaha.

Obviously, mods can’t tell whether or not you’re drunk unless you’re acting so. Which leads me to believe that it is not, in fact, posting under the influence that’s against the rules, but posting while acting like a drunken jackass, which state is indeed identifiable by the mods.

I’d just like to say that I, for one, welcome our new mackdonna handheld shoehorn butterhorse overlords.


Gawd, that post from Homer was funny!

Regarding posting while drunk, there was also this memorable thread:

Here’s one:
I just ate 3 mushrooms
Sadly, it seems, the infamous “Monkey Butler” thread is no more. :frowning:
Damn, I miss Homer-I wish he’d come back.

[minor nitpick]
Actually, he was the fucking hall monitor.

That was also the thread where he was accidentally (presumably) called “banhattan”. Pure comedy gold, that thread. :wink:

Wow, somebody sure got up on the Whiskey Sierra Oscar Tango Bravo today.

Yes I think that’s probably a correct assumption to make.

Can I get an amen? I used to look forward to Lobsang’s posts; he had a quirky sense of humor. He’s been robbed of that for the past six months or so by this obsession, and it’s made me hesitate opening any of his threads as they’re invariably about his love/hate relationship with this woman he will not. Let. Go of. I sincerely hope he can move past it now that she’s gone.

Yup, me too, Maureen.

Just a thought for those of you who think you are just fine when you do stuff drunk/high - you do know other, soberer people are laughing at you, right?