DAMMIT! Not aNOTHER week of this crap

I’m glad, positively THRILLED that there have been a rush of subscribers. I love this board and everything about it (sometimes at night, I’ll put on a sexy teddy and try to seduce it).

But with this rush of subscribers comes the note that the cutoff has been extended for another five days. I am so tired of threads in every possible place of people bemoaning ‘oh woe is me and woe be unto you that I shall take my leave’, and now we’ll likely be stuck with them for another goddamned week. The one thread idea was nice, you could see who was going and who was staying and that was that, but now they are scattered about again.

Protip: if your name is not Scylla, QtM, Eve, or a select few others, and you plan to leave, spare us the damn drama, ESPECIALLY if you have fewer posts than me (a relative n00b in SD numbers).

VVVVVV - insert ‘oh good, we need another one of THESE threads’ below