Damn -- I brought the wrong lunch

I had some seriously excellent pizza for dinner last night – thin crust white pizza with spinach and 'shroms, garnished with fresh basil. It was a small pizza, but not personal size, so I ate half and took the rest home.

Where I left it, thinking I’d have my usual peanut-butter sandwich for lunch today, and finish the pizza for dinner tonight.

So now I’m having mouth hallucinations about the fresh basil…

Damn, that was a great pizza.

Oh well, dinner will be good.

Oh, you did the right thing! You will be so glad you did come dinnertime!

And did you learn anything today?
Next time get the personal size and let bygones be bywents.

No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!

Next time get the LARGE and have leftovers for lunch AND dinner.

Now you’re talking!