Damn, I'm starting to like this new cell phone...

I got a new cell phone for Christmas. I hated it to begin with, but it was the best thing in the shop. It’s too damn fancy.

Like many guys, I’ve been through my toy phase already. I’ve bought the bleeding edge, I’ve bought the accessories, I’ve bought the extended warranties. All I ended up with is a lot of obsolete plastic and silicon. I realize that what I want is what I need, and all I need is a phone that can keep numbers and make calls.

The salesgirl at the place made the mistake of pointing out the trendiest phone in the entire shop. Video, internet, ringtones, camera, keypad, MP3s. She shows me MSNBC on the phone, and I couldn’t care less. I’m actually a little offended inside; I don’t need to attract attention to myself through my phone. The more crap it has, the more likely it’ll break. Nope, I just want what I need.

But I look around, and I can’t stand any of the other phones. Obnoxious colors and bad designs abound. It’s clear that phones have become a status symbol, and I want none of it. Unfortunately, the trendy phone is the one that best fulfills what I need and fits my price range. I ask them to ring it up… I even get a memory card so I can listen to MP3s on it.

I feel dirty.

I’m finally back in classes now. And, dammit, I actually enjoy not having to carry around an extra piece of gear just to listen to music. It’s got decent sound, too, and unlike my old phone it actually gets reception. I took a call hands-free; I was listening to my lovely Penchan in my earphones… and… I kind of enjoyed it.

Yes, I even text’d someone.

I don’t know how it happened, but here I am. You damn cell phone, I think I’m starting to like you.

When phones with cameras first came out, I thought it was pointless and superfluous. Why would anyone need a camera on a phone? I would never need anything like that. Then I got a camera phone as a gift, and it is the neatest thing ever! Wow, just wow!