Damn it Google, stop being evil!

Google, who has the corporate motto “Don’t Be Evil” is being evil. Not big E evil, but the sort of petty evil that makes the world a worse place every single day.

Ever since they bought YouTube, they’ve been linking the two services more and more. So if you have a YouTube account, and any e-mail address registered with Google for any purpose, Google will oh so fucking helpfully offer to permanently, irrevocably link the two.

The problem with this annoyingly helpful approach is that some of us have multiple YouTube accounts. For instance, I have one for the music videos I shoot for my nieces and other high school music…and I have others for completely different stuff.

But damned evil Google decided, utterly without asking me, to link one of them to my Gmail account. So every single fucking time I log in to my Gmail account, it changes the login on YouTube!


I’ve been in the middle of writing a response to someone, log into my Gmail account…and LOSE THE ENTIRE RESPONSE!

All this would only be slightly annoying if I could unlink these two accounts that I never intended to link. But I can’t!

And to make it even more annoying, I’m being constantly harassed to link my various accounts. I’m worried that I might accidentally click on the honking huge “Yes, link my accounts” button, rather than the tiny “No, I don’t wish to” link.

Fuck you Google. I don’t want to link them! Not now, not ever! And damn it, let me fucking unlink the one you already fucking LINKED!

Stop being evil!

Hitler linked people’s accounts.

I’m just sayin’.

Google is now trying to clean up Hitler’s image by removing him from youtube

No, not really. But they’re still caving to whining complaints from Constantin Films.

pfftt… Stalin linked more accounts than Hitler.

So Google is like the Diet Coke of evil?

Anyway, I have seen their prompts to link these accounts together pretty regularly as I have gmail as my regular email account and use google and youtube pretty often and I just ignore them. Are you certain you didn’t accidentally allow this to happen?

I have Gmail and Yahoo accounts. I have YouTube accounts. I forget which one is set as an e-mail address from which, but the thing is I never intentionally linked one to the other. You have to supply an e-mail address to set up a YouTube account. Fine. But that is a damn sight different than wanting to “link” the fucking things, so that every time I log into my Gmail account it changes what YouTube account I am logging into as well!

I want the option to say “Fuck off! No, I never wish to link these two accounts and I want you to stop asking me!”

I don’t know that this is full-blown evil so much as “mild irritation, like an itch in an embarrassing personal spot that keeps coming back.”

Most corporations are evil - it’s part of the cost of doing business. But few claim they actively avoid being evil. This is the sort of evil shit I expect from Yahoo, which makes no claim to not be evil. But Google?

Evil! - Sir Simon Milligan

Man, you had to have accidentally enabled this. I get where you’re coming from…I see it all the time. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally click “yes” when you meant to click “no”? I have ZERO problems with the exact combination of free services.

Yep. It’s the corporations, man. Now puff, puff, give, you are messing up the rotation.

It will all be linked someday soon anyway, so relax and go with the flow, man!

As an employee of a company that is, in a tiny way, a competitor to Google, the idea that they are some kind of corporate saint is ludicrous.

You’re supposed to inhale, square… now you’ve got ashes all over your flannel suit. Hey man, is that freak flag a wig?

Why don’t you just use a different browser for YouTube?

He’s an undercover narc, man. You can tell by the shoes.

Why, because he owns some?


Film at 11.

I can do that, by browsing YouTube in FireFox and reading e-mail in IE but…


Google should allow me to “opt out” of all this linking shit, or, at the fucking LEAST, let me unlink the two accounts that I never wanted linked in the first place.

This “roach motel” bullshit is not what I expect from a company that pretends to have a corporate motto of “Don’t be evil”.

No, I never, ever, linked the two accounts. Google “helpfully” linked the Gmail account I had open when I created a new YouTube account.

What the fuck does their company motto have to do with this? I hate to break it to you, because your anger obviously knows no bounds, but linking your Google and YouTube accounts isn’t fucking evil.

It is, at best, annoying.

You have obvously never composed a long YouTube message to someone, logged into a Gmail account to check a bit of information, then found - because of this linking - that Google had logged you out of one YouTube account and logged you into another one, deleting the message, losing it forever.

You have lived a blessed life.