Damn, Phlip is smart as hell!

Figured I would start one of these about me. Didn’t realize that I would check back on the Guin thread and see it is two fricking pages long!!

Ill bet mine makes it to 3 posts. 1st one is gonna be " Who the hell is Phlip, and where is Guin?" Unless people check out my past posts. Then this will be the only post in this thread.

OK, I’ll bite.
What is the Phlip story then?
Who are you?
What is your purpose?
Are you as clever as they say?
Demostrate, using appliences or small children where necessary, the practical application of so called wisdom.

I heard the guy is really good looking and has a way with women that you only read about in books.

REALLY good looking. :o

I did note that in his OP he did spell every word correctly, although forgetting to apostrophize “I’ll.” In my book, that makes him smart, but not smart as hell.

Such as “Hannibal” and “Silence of the Lambs” type good looking?
Still need demonstration.

Phlip is VERY cool.

AND good taste in women.


Phlip also has an unhealthy and irrational obsession with Mark Tremonti of Creed. I myself have problems reconciling the terms “Creed fan” and “Smart as hell” let alone “smart” or even just “mildly sentient”. But that’s just my opinion. Individual results may be different.