Damn, Guinistasia is smart as hell

I just felt the need to spew my opinion on this gal since I had some time on my hands and nothing productive to say. I tangled with her WAY back in my early days on the SDMB and that didn’t go so well.

After being here for almost a year I must admit, that gal is frickin smart. She knows alot about alot of stuff. It seems like any topic that she posts on she has some sort of knowledge on the subject. I see her name pop up in ANY thread, just out of the blue. Shes pretty young too if I remember correctly.

Granted, I don’t always agree with her views, but I wish I could write my thoughts out as clearly as she does so I could debate effectivly on this board. Thats why I don’t post in GD or GQ, because even though I have opinions on all that stuff, I can rarely put it into words that don’t get shoved down my throat.

I guess I am a lurker who comes out of the shadows just long enough to post about the Simpsons or why Ashley Judd is so hot. :slight_smile:

(As poorly as I tend to express myself, I better make clear that I am NOT being sarcastic in this post. With my luck, people will think I am)

:o :o :o :o :o


(BTW, I know my post count is very high, but what can I say-I don’t have a life…)

hides under a desk…me so shy…

I TOTALLY agree with the OP.

I am impressed as well, with her wide range of interests. I wish I were more like that at her age.

I’d ask her to marry me if I knew I had a chance and the waiting list wasn’t so huge. But I still dream. _


“Guinastasia is groovy. She’s got her finger on the pulse of the times,” kuroashi groveled.

Oh yeah, she’s cool.


What is this-a game of make poor Guin’s head swell?

(Thanks. You guys are super. I’ve been having a rough time right now. I know I can count on you guys.)



“In other news tonight, piles of bear droppings were discovered in the forest, and the Pope announced he’s Catholic. And in a new, shocking discovery, ice is cold.”

Absolutely. You don’t play chess, do you? :smiley:

Seriously, Guin, I’ve been enjoying your thoughtful posts since about December 2000. If you ever need a dirty old man to stalk you around the boards, let me know! And here’s a hug to help you through the rough stretch:


Pff. Get in line.


“Smart as hell”? How smart exactly is hell? I hope she doesn’t smart like hell, but then she hasn’t hit me… yet.

notes all the marriage proposals

Well, I guess you don’t need mine… :cool:

I like to think of Guin as the thinking man’s Pam Anderson.

(YAY-we got our OLD smilies back! Just need the original eek and rolleyes and we’re good!)

I suppose the only way to be fair about this is to find a country that allows a woman to have multiple husbands…

Or hold a tournament…


Arm wrestling contest!

Failing that, “Most difficult username to pronounce”.

[sub]Aww yeah.[/sub]

I like people who are interested in things. Guinastasia is interested in lots of things, and is knowledgeable and intelligent. Therefore, I like her.

Respect to Phlip, for speaking up and starting the thread.

That’s it; I’m substituting x’s for all the vowels inmy username.


Hey, that’s my official Doper Big Sister you’re talking about!

And a damn good one, at that. Kudos, Guin!

I once won a contest…

Well I don’t know who this person is but it’s patently absurd that she could be smarter than me. And I’ll Kung Fu her anytime to prove it.

I’ll agree that Guinistasia is cool, and also has great taste in vintage fashion, and is a very pretty young lady. I enjoy reading her posts!