We Love Guinastasia

She is **about ** to hit 8,000 posts!
Very prolific.
Thats about 12 a day.
And I have enjoyed all of them.
We love ya Guin!
youre gonna pass handy up any day now…



(I suppose this means I should get a life?}


2 more!

Life is highly overrated.

Who would pay to see a steel cage death match between handy and Guin? :smiley:

I wonder how many of those posts are about Chile… :smiley:

Yes. Yes we do.


She posted 12 times since yesterday!
so predictable;)

Grr. I will catch up. I will!.. no. Not in this lifetime. Of course we love Guin. Don’t be silly.

Let’s see, at my current rate it will be approximately…


… before I get a “We Love tsarina” thread.

Congrats, Guin!

Just have to peak my head in and say Guin rocks.

Yup. You and SPOOFE:D

[sub]So this is what I gotta do to get a “we love punha” thread…[/sub]

Well, at this rate of mine, it’ll take a long time before I get an appreciation thread of my own (even with an average of 20.52 posts per day). No, I have no life… well, actually, this weekend I’m getting back into the swing of things.

But yes, we all love Guinastasia. :slight_smile:

Guin combines expertise in some unusual subjects (anybody got a question about the Romanov dynasty?), thoughtful comments on the topic under discussion, and general grace under fire that I strive to emulate (anybody remember her dealing with Wildest Bill making innuendos about her sex life? Among us all, I think that only Eve could have dealt with that with as much aplomb as Guin did.)

She is truly a gem, and it’s my pleasure to have known her on this board.

Congrats, dear!


My head is swelling, guys. Thanks!

waves Hi, Guinastasia!

Yup. She’s cool.


Hi Nonny! How’s the books coming?

Great gravy! 8000? I stand in awe of your superior posting abilities, Guin.