Guinastasia has passed away

I just found out today on Facebook by random scrolling that Guinastasia died on Monday, the 13th. I don’t know if she still posts here or if people would remember her, but at one time she was one of the most prolific posters on the Board. This is my first post back on the Boards in something like 10 years, and I’m sorry it has to be about this.
I don’t have any details beyond what was in the funeral home listing, and I don’t know if it’s permissible to post these kinds of personal details. I guess send me a private message, or find her on Facebook?
Kathleen was one of those “old souls”; she had a degree in history and was fascinated by all things historical. We met at a costume party Dopefest at the late Jonathan Chance’s house back in the early 2000’s, where she was dressed as a flapper and I was in my suit and carrying my violin. We bonded over topics like music, cats, and Star Wars. We kept a correspondence all these years, and I was supposed to write her back just a few weeks ago, but life got in the way.
She struggled with epilepsy for many years, which basically kept her from holding a normal job or a driver’s license. In her last email to me, she said she was still having minor seizures. Somehow, one of these seizures wasn’t as minor and claimed her life.
I hope you’re at peace now, Kat. You’ll never know how much you meant to me. And for the rest of you, email or call that person back. Tell someone how important they are. You never know when you’ll never get the chance again.

Oh crap, I’ll let them know over on Giraffe Board.

This is quite a shock. She was quite prolific and much-loved on the Giraffe Boards.

Fuck. She was just chatting with us about old-fashioned things to be revived.

Thank you mike, it’s horrible news but I’m glad you let us know.

Oh fuck. No.

If there were 2 things she was passionate about, they were definitely hockey and fashion.

Dang. That is sad, horrible news. Thank you for letting us know. May her memory be a blessing to us all.

Jesus, what horrible news. RIP Guin.

This place will not be the same.

Wow, that stinks. She was a pillar around here.

Oh, that is indeed unhappy news, but thank you for taking the time to let us know, @av8rmike we appreciate the knowing, even if it sucks.

Wow, very sad news.

Oh, wow, this is terrible…

Holy crap! That is certainly very unexpected and unfortunate news. Condolences to all of her respective families.

She loved her Pens, all right.

Sad news. Guin was a mainstay. She was here for–what? Twenty years at least, if not more. I seem to recall her from when I originally signed up, 22 years ago. We interacted directly on a few occasions, but only a few. But even when we didn’t, I always took note of what she had to say–she was one of those posters whose views I always looked at and appreciated, even if I had no interest in the thread topic.

Rest well, Guin.



Sad news indeed. RIP, Guin.

Guinastasia was one of those posters who defined the SDMB for me. When I think on who are the most representative of why I love it here, she is in my top 5. May she rest in peace.

Never will be forgotten