Guinistasia Did It...

I just noticed that Guinistasia has posted 17,000 times. That may not be near the record, but considering the integrity, openness and insight of her posts, that is really remarkable.

We could do with more Guins in this world.

Well done, Guinastasia. And very well said, Zoe.


She’s also a regular poster at I’m scared to think of what her combined post total could be.

She did it, she finally did it, damn her all to hell!

If memory serves, I first ran into Guin at and she mentioned this place, which led me over here. That was many years ago, back in the day when I wrote my most famous and sarcastic customer service story about the end of the world and an old lady who just wanted her adult diapers, the best part being when Scotland came out naked in blue paint, yelling FREEDOM then proceeded to nuke themselves with a giant rock.

Ah, the good old days.

Congrats Guin, ye old bag :smiley:


So, is the race on? At the moment handy has 17184 posts and a rate of 10.18/day, while Guinastasia has 17008 posts at 14.24/day. If both of them remain at this rate, Guin should surpass handy’s post count in 43.3 days.

Yes, yes, it is often mentioned that quality, not quantity, is what matters on this board, but I just can’t help being a geek and doing a few calculations.

I’d like to thank my agent, the Dope for giving me this prestigious thread, and my own unemployed status!

Thank you!

Way to go ** Guin ** !

Here’s to 17000 more.

Cheers, Guin!

I opened this thread expecting to be able to use Guinastasia as a scapegoat for something…damn, foiled again.

Nicely done, Guin. You’re my favorite giant monster. :slight_smile:

Congradulations, ** Guinastasia **. I dream of catching up to your number.

Guin does have quality!

She did? I thought a wizard did it…

Kidding, grats Guin!

Congratulations, Guin!
Keep up the good work.

OTOH, I hope that you find a job soon.

Meanwhile I have just over 4000.

I’m looking forward to her 17,011th post. I hear it’s going to be a whopper!!

Veddy good, Guin. Veddy, veddy good.

Congratulations, and I agree: Your posts are well-thought out and not just fodder for pumping up your count. Well done!