Damn Ronald McDonald!!!

Why oh why won’t you leave me alone, but instead tempt me with your delicious hamburgers! Too long have I resisted your charms, oh clown prince of deceit. But now, I will strike, and take down your empire! Mayor McCheese is getting a big bite taken out of his delicious head, yes, he is. I shall not let that opportunity pass by me again! And the Fry Guys will die, drown in ketchup and grabbed by my fat greasy fingers shoved into my lovely McMouth. The McNugget buddies won’t even see it coming as I pop them in my mouth one by one. Birdie will be shot, gutted, and roasted over a spit smothered in BBQ sauce. That’s good eating! My nemesis Big Mac is gonna get whacked, no cop can stop the Hamburglar! Grimace is too freaky to live, he must be shoved into a volcano. Captain Crook will be sacrificed to the Dark God All’umehe’par’ef’lu’dvf’ED’w4’v for eternal life. And finally, Ronald McDonald. Your friends will die one by one, and I will leave you alive last so you can suffer their loses. Then, as you are left alone and helpless, Burger King and Wendy will skin you alive slowly, deep frying your skin and feeding it to you. Afterwards, your intestines will be turned into McNuggets and your brain removed and turned into the Secret Sauce. Then my victory will be complete! Do not try to hide, for I am all knowing, all seeing, all hearing. There is no stopping the Hamburglar!

Alas, there is a flaw in your plan: nothing can kill the Grimace.

Don’t you mean “Robble Robble”?

Your problem is that you’ve been at it so long, Ronald knows what you’re planning. Perhaps if you, the Cookie Crisp dog, and the Trix Rabbit traded enemies, neither opponent would be able to anticipate your plan of attack.

100 bonus points to Juniper200, who also watched last night’s Clerks.

Not ‘Robble Robble’ but “Rob and Kill, Rob and Kill”, that’s what Hamburglar is saying.

Well, have it your way…HAW HAW…

Crack kills.

Hmm… Why do I have a sneaking suspition that this is our friend 0887?

No chance. 0887 was borderline illiterate. The Hamburgler can actually write. Not to mention, he’s funny.

Ronald may be the beast of Revelation.

or not.:confused:


ahhh greasy burgers for all…::pats tummy::

…and little did we know that this was the first true sign of the infamous Hamburglar serial killings of '03. If we had only known…

shakes head and steps back into the Time Machine :slight_smile:

I wonder if this guy knows the Hammurderer?

Grimace hangs out with Donald Trump. Don’t you think he’s already in enough pain?

Hamburglar, I’m not sure if this is a “meat withdrawal” symptom or not, but in the name of Ronald why are you stealing letters from posts? And here too? And here again? And here a fourth time?

No, you’ve got it all wrong. Speed kills. Or is it Kill Speed? Hmm… maybe it’s keed spills… no wait… oh never mind.

Duke, it’s probably because stealing hamburgers from McDonald’s gets old after a while. I mean, come on, it takes next to no effort to turn some six-year-old’s Happy Meal into a crime scene. The challenge doesn’t last.

It basically comes down to doing one of two things: stealing letters from posts or moving on to the Jack and the Box. And, let me tell you, I’d stay away from Jack. He poke an eye out with that nose of his.

Awwwwww, I know it technically counts as misquoting people, but did we really have to ban him? I for one thought it was really funny, as well as the rest of the stuff he posted. It had sort of a childlike cleverness to it, it brightened all our lives. Oh well, I guess all good things must come to an end.

I am surprised you were able to say “McDonalds” and “delicious hamburgers” in the same post.

Someone get this kid 200 CC’s of an In and Out Double Double STAT!

Speak for yourself, Freak. :wink: