That Tart

So, you won’t leave me alone, call me day and night, watch my house from the bushes. Calling you a stalker is an insult to the stalkers of the world. I know you are attracted to bad guys, with your father, I would be, too. But, please, stop coming on to me! I am not attracted to the likes of you! It is like apples and oranges, cats and dogs, peanuts and swingsets. The constant calling of my house with you hanging up when I pick up the phone, the blue Ford following me when I am out. Do you know how hard it is to get done what I do without people following me? Now they have this obvious red-headed tailing me everywhere I go. I’ve had to abandon all of my hideouts. There is no safe haven from you. Restraining Orders are useless against you, you have inherited enough wealth to pay off the police. In short, I am helpless. Please leave me alone, Wendy!

I quite enjoyed reading that.

Wait, so the Hamburgler is being stalked by Wendy’s?

Far out.

“Can this disease possibly hurt the Grimace?”
“Nothing can hurt the Grimace! This press conference is over!”

-Clerks, the Animated Series

The samarm has added something, free of charge! :slight_smile: