Damn you avacodos!

That’s right, damn you straight to hell! Both of you, sitting on my counter, mocking me with your deliciously pliable meat, covered in yout thick outer skin. Why have you come from California all the way across country to tease me so? I hate you, hate, hate, hate!
There. I dunno how that’ll help, but I’m making Guacamole, and the directions say “Pit Avacodas, then peel them”, so there you have it. Now excuse me, I have to go peel some avacodos.

You’re a dork.

What the hell are ‘avacodos?’ Are they like ‘avacados?’:smiley:

Thank-you Weirddave :smiley: you have made my day all shiny and new again.

Silly funny man.

And I want some guacamole.

Dave, here’s a tip: cut the avocados in half, cutting around the pits. Pull them apart, then cut a score in the edge of the peel. If the avocados are soft enough, you can then just “unzip” the peel easily.

Damn you, Gaudere, with your inescapable laws!

What is the exact phrasing of Gaudere’s Law?

Anyone pitting avocados is bound to make a mistake in pitting them.

No, really.

Okay, not. The rough phrasing of it is something like “Anyone who posts to correct someone else’s spelling is bound to make an error in doing so”, though if it did not originally extent to grammar, punctuation, usage etc. it sure as hell does by now:D

The person who complains about another user’s spelling will have a spelling error in their complaint.

Also extensible to the mere act of correcting or making fun of another’s spelling.

Ah, yes.

“What the hell are avacodos? Are they like avocados?

No. Canadians are not allowed to eat Guacamole. I fear I may have to forfeit my Canadian passport after eating it.

My God was it good. Mmmmmm

No, they’re more like avocados. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard that a little lime juice in the guacamole helps keep the nice, green color. Of course, the guacamole is never around long enough for me to find out if this is true or not.

Mmmmm… guacamole…

I’ve never heard that rule, I think you made that up so you wouldn’t have to share. :slight_smile:

And your fiendish plan isn’t working, I just had me a sub from Quizno’s with a great big ol glob of guacamole on it.


Ogre’s World’s Best Guacamole (if’n I do say so myself) recipe:

3 squishy avocados
1 soft, ripe lime
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 medium onion
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper (adds no heat, just flavor)
3 diced ripe Roma tomatoes
lots of cilantro

peel and pit the avocados, finely dice the onion and tomato, peel and squish the garlic. Add all other ingredients. I’m very liberal with the cilantro, cause, damn it, it’s good. Salt to taste. I usually use fleur de sel, cause I’m a snob. :slight_smile: MAsh with a fork until desired consistency is reached.

There. Dead easy, and no fuss, and it makes the best goddamn guac on earth. Notice how cumin, paprika, etc. are conspicuously absent. :shudder:

I have a friend who once requested I make the above recipe for her birthday dinner. :slight_smile:

“Amelia Bedelia,” exclaimed Mrs. Rogers, “why are there little pieces of pit in the guacamole? Didn’t you pit the avocados first?”

“Of course,” said Amelia Bedelia, “just like the recipe said. . .”

Errr, I should have said to thoroughly squeeze all the lime juice into the guac. Not only does it preserve the color, but it also gives it a fabulous, fresh citrus taste.


Ain’t no such thing in Canada. Maybe it’s just an Ontario thing. :smiley:

I’m surprised that nobody has realized that what Weirddave has done is perfectly logical. The directions explicitly say to Pit the avocados first, then peel them. It is topologically impossible to remove the seed from the interior of an avocado with the peel intact. Therefore, the only way for him to Pit the avocados before peeling them requires him to do exactly what he did.

You will note that Ogre’s recipe uses the more logical sequence of peeling the avocados first, then pitting them.

Thank you, Weirddave. That’s the best laugh I’ve had in days.
Mmmmmmmmm. Guacamole.