Damn you Budweiser!!

So I catch this commercial last night (brought to you courtesy of Budweiser) that is some kind of service message about being a caring parent and knowing where your kids are.
It has three mothers on the phone with eachother trying to figure out where their sons are. One mother says “He told me they were going for pizza”, one says “He told me they were going to play basketball”, the last says “He told me they were going to see a movie”.
Then it shows the three kids sitting in the movie theatre during the movie with one eating a piece of pizza and one holding a basketball.
Okay, so far so good, right?
So what happens next?
The kid in the middle’s cell phone rings and he answers it “Hi Mom!” The the other two kid’s cell phones ring and they both pick up “Hi, Mom!”
Damn it! All this time spent trying to teach people to not talk on cell phones during a movie much less even have them turned on and they show three stupid teens with the ringers turned on answering the phones DURING THE MOVIE!!
Thanks BUDWEISER for making it look OKAY to have your cellphone turned on during a movie, answering it, and starting a conversation.

(I feel better now.)

Three moms, all of them too stupid to call their sons in the first place. Must be genetic. Or caused by Bud.

Why is Budweiser doing PSAs?

Why is Budweiser advertising cell phones?

Because any company that sells a vice is caught up in a constant effort to make themselves look caring and community-oriented.

Son of a bitch.

Hampshire, you were honestly 10 minutes faster than me posting this EXACT SAME PIT THREAD!!! I wonder how much hate mail Budweiser is receiving for this issue.

They are doing neither. They are reminding their underage audiance to synchronize stories before they go out to drink beer with their friends.

Heineken should produce a commercial called “The Hero”

<dark movie theater>

3 kids, one eating pizza, one with a basketball>

<all the phones simultaniously ring>

Hero runs up and grabs all the cellphones, puts them on the floor and stomps on them. Tells them to shut the fuck up.


Very nice bit of reasoning.

I blame the guy from Trigger Happy TV.

There are all sorts of things silly about that commercial. What movie theatre is going to allow you to bring in a basketball anyway?

For me the best part however is that the kids are doing EXACTLY what they said they were all doing. One is eating pizza, one is fondling his basketball and the third is staring off at the movie. Of course they weren’t off drinking cheap beer! They were stoned!