wazzzzzzzzzaaaaappppp.... ...???!!!!!!!!

i don’t get it. everyone at work, bars, school, social hang outs and even my parents are saying this… what does this have to do with beer!!! :confused:

About as much as frogs and lizards. :slight_smile:

Since when have commercials related in any way to the products they tout?

I don’t know either…

My sis-in-law did that to her son, born in Feb, scared the living poop outa him! Oddly enough, she thought it was funny, his reaction! Sufficed to say, my brother was less than happy she did that and thought it was funny enough that she did it again!

Okay if mom had that coming out of her mouth, wouldn’t that scare the poop outa you too?

I went (concussed and all) on a pubcrawl last Saturday, and every time we’d get in the bus, all the guys would say that as loud as they could.

Needless to say, my head and I weren’t the best of friends come Sunday.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever. If they had only been able to associate budweiser a little stronger. True. True.

It’s an ad campaign that has an interesting theme but that little to do with beer… except I suspect it’s showing the camaraderie of men, and how fun-lovin’ guys enjoy drinking Bud.

As an aside, the “WASAAAAAAAAABI” sushi bar commercial in that campaign stars a couple of Japanese men who are related to a friend of mine. My friend told me that the popularity of the “WASAAAAAAP” ads for downloading from places like Ad Critic had partly to do with the recent SAG (Screen Actors Guild) strike. Turns out the actors aren’t getting paid their normal royalty fees when the commercials are downloaded off the Internet, whereas they are paid when the ads air on TV.

what’s up/ whuzzup has been a popular colloquialism for the past 3 or so years in my area. Most people just say 'sup now instead of the drawn out bastardization of it that is featured in that ridiculous commercial. Companies really need to get on the ball with what’s popular a little faster than that. I mean, up until recently they still showed girls wearing stuff that was a popular trend 3-5 years ago. And it’s not like they were lasting trends; for example, those stupid little butterfly hair clips and the bindis have been out in my area for at least a year… well, that is unless you’re in the fifth grade, then you catch on to and stick with the trends when they are going out of style. Marketing people don’t really seem to always know what teenagers like, and it shows in the advertising.

“Watchin’ the game…havin’ a Bud.”

That’s funny, because it’s been a popular colloquialism for at least the past 22 in mine. I don’t think Budweiser was trying to tap into what’s “cool” with these commercials. Don’t you and your group of friends have something you say or do that everyone else doesn’t? That’s more like what this commercial is about. The guys are all using their friendly catchphrase with one another.

This is the most goddamned annoying thing I have ever heard in my short tenure on this planet. I would give anything to be able to reach back through the stream of time and tear the heart out of the advertising asshole who gave this phrase the astoundingly idiotic and grating spin it now carries. And you know what? It ain’t any fucking funnier when Batman says it, it ain’t any fucking funnier when the kids from South Park say it, and I’ll stake my immortal soul on the fact that IT AIN’T ANY FUCKING FUNNIER WHEN A GODDAMNED CHIMPANZEE SAYS IT!!!

It’s probably the least funny when a soldier with a gun pointed at Elian Gonzales says it. (for those who have seen that one)

Drain Bead sez:

If they had only been able to associate budweiser a little stronger.

What I was weakly trying to say was that the word “Bud” is mentioned twice in the whole 30 seconds.


With all due respect, Flypside, everything is funnier when a chimpanzee says it.

I agree 100%. This is totally moronic and I hate to hear it, I’ll switch channels if I see it on TV.

Hee hee, I totally disagree, I think it’s one of the funniest ads I’ve seen in a while … but what makes it funny is how easy it is to imitate! I love the superfriends one, the matrix one is good if a little poorly edited, and a friend of mine is bastardizing our tourist commercials ("Come visit our town!) to change every “welcome” to a “wazzup” … can’t wait to see all the local celebs and politicians unwillingly participating in this … I can’t get enough!!

gotta love it…
now they are even showing them at the NBA games

the superfriends one is hilarious!!

This commercial, along with the ones with the guys who are more interested in beer than in physically attractive women, piss me off. Also make me change the channel.

For all you females out there who didn’t already know, most straight guys prefer an attractive woman to beer. If you find a guy who’d rather be with a beer than a babe, dump him. And break the beer bottle. Preferably over his head. Then at least he won’t be able to drink and drive. Rather, he won’t be as drunk.

I only saw the commercial once. Which made it seem cute.
If I’d seen it hundreds of times, I believe I would’ve hated it also.

Just when you thoght they would let this one die, I heard it last night twice. Do you suppose they will try to revive it for the Super Bowl?
Some slogans should never be retired, because they can resonate for free in the bars of the world.

If I never hear that again it will be too soon. It’s so stupid, I can’t even fathom why remotely intelligent people perpetuate it. Narf!