Has anyone else seen the “Up For Whatever” ads that Bud Light is doing? They showed one during the Super Bowl. Since then I’ve seen a bunch of them. Yet, every time I see one I think: “This is the stupidest idea for an ad campaign I’ve ever seen.”

I’m clearly older than the demographic they were shooting for; but I can’t see how anyone would think these were great ads. Especially in context of the Super Bowl ads. I don’t imagine anyone laughing or talking about it the next day at the work water cooler; as they might have with some of the other ads.

What do you guys and gals think? Good? Funny? Stupid?


Stupid. Kind of boring. Not funny.

I’ll join you in a rocking chair at the old folks home, for all I could think was, get into that strange vehicle with that unknown person? Are you crazy/suicidal/sick of having all that money in your checking account? How do you know she’s not after your kidney or your PIN or serving you up to her boyfriend the serial killer?

Haha, my first thought was “Why are you at that bar alone?”

Or, uh, posting about it to a message board? Aren’t we talking about it right now?

OT, but have you seen Herb?

Yeah, err, uh, I figured someone clever would come along and say something like that. :rolleyes:

There have been, uh, ads that are specifically created to get people to talk about them because they’re written to intentionally annoy people. If you’re suggesting that Bud Light wrote the ad so people would talk about how stupid the ad is, I think you’re, uh, mistaken.

I’m not standing around other people, uh, talking about Super Bowl commercials where this suddenly came up in conversation.

Congrats. I’ve never seen anybody threadshit their own thread before.

Cause she’s hot?

I liked them. The sheer inanity of what they wind up doing is funny. And I can feel good for the people getting to have the experience.

It’s similar to those Old Spice commercials and seeing how silly they would get. But there’s also the vicarious aspect of it happening to a normal everyday person. You get to share the joy of the person in finding out they are going to be in a commercial.

I guess agreeing to the initial offer is a bit risky, but I’m not sure it’s any riskier than any other pickup at a bar. A limo with a party in it seems to be a rather elaborate and costly way to try to steal a guy’s wallet.

I’m sure it would get annoying if I had to see each one repeatedly, but that’s true of pretty much any commercial. But, as a Super Bowl ad, it was pretty good. I only thought it was stupid they didn’t spread it out more. Why show all the parts in the first quarter? Build up some anticipation.

I’m pretty impressed m’self.