Best Beer Commercials

Everybody knows that beer commercials are some of the best–Bud Light has some kick-butt commercials when the superbowl rolls around. So, what’s everybody’s favorite?

Those “Real Men of Genius” commercials are really funny. It’s too bad A-B won’t let people post them on their websites.

Man Laws, anyone?

Oh, and has anybody else seen the new “Zagar” ads by Bud Light? You can check it out at–the commercials are really funny but the web site isn’t up yet. eh.

I’m particularly fond of the radio commercials.
I can’t remeber which beer it is but it’s the one where they are always “toasting” really obscure people.

For example:

“Here’s to you Mr. SPF 80 sun tan lotion guy. There are only 24 hours in a day yet you’ve got 80 hours worth of protection on. So if the sun fails to go down; you’ll be ready. Your coconut scented force field is an inspiration to us all…”

Err. yeah. Upon review I see TheBoneyKingofNowhere posted a link to exactly what I’m talking about.

That was way too funny, I haven’t heard the “Way Too Proud of Texas Guy”

I wish there was a website that featured all those commercials.

Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius

Geeeeeezus… Coffee Pourer Guy… I thought that just couldn’t be funny.

But it was.

I guess I’m going to have to listen to them all now.

Thanks, KRM :smiley:

The absolute all-time best was the one a few years ago, I think it was for Bud, where the guy was talking to his marriage counselor about his new satellite dish. They didn’t run it all that often, which was a shame, because they always run the obnoxious commercials every five minutes for six months.

The TV commercial for Tooheys New is pretty popular here at the moment.

I laugh at your puny list:
Real Men Of Genius (sadly sans the current batch)

Here’s to you, Mr Has To Win Internet Pissing Contests :smiley:

Recently: Some European beer maker had an ad with a couple brewmeisters apologizing for what they had done: “We’re very sorry; we didn’t realize light beer was supposed to suck.”

Long, long ago: An ad for Stroh’s. A stagecoach is rolling across the plain being chased by indians. Sorry, native americans. Anyway. Chased. Inside the wagon are two men and a woman. The driver is having the guy riding shotgun throw baggage down from the roof to lighten the load. They’re down to the last box.

Driver: Throw down the Stroh’s!
Men inside: Throw down the Stroh’s?

The stagecoach is then seen rolling off into the distance. The woman is sitting by the side of the road while the native americans ride by. Inside the coach, the two men clink steins of cold, frosty Stroh’s…

I’m diggin’ the new Red Stripe commercials.


Hooray, BEER!

Don’t forget:
Hooray, BEER!

My current all-time favorite is one that was for… Bud? One of the big-name American beers, in any event. It’s one that is better watched than described, but I’ll try.

The husband is down stairs, watching a game on TV.

Upstairs, the wife is preparing a romanic evening: satin sheets on the bed, candles providing a soft glow, open window providing a gentle night breeze, etc., etc.

After a while, the wife sighs a bit when it becomes apparent the game is still on, and reaches over and opens up a bottle of beer.

Like a cat who has heard the can opener, the husband starts running upstairs, throwing off articles of clothes as he goes, bursting into the bedroom and leaping onto the bed…

…then sliding on those oh-so-romantic satin sheets…

…and out the open window.

Then commerical cuts to the usual shot of the product and the typical announcer voice over, before returning to:

A shot of the wife, looking out the bedroom window and down towards the ground saying rather hesitantly: “…honey? Honey?” (From below, a faint groan can be heard.)

<< I can’t brain today. I have the dumb. >>

There’s a tremendous one in Australia where a bunch of blokes are hitting cane toads over the border fence between New South Wales and Queensland with golf clubs. For Toohey’s New, I think.

For those that lived in the Northwest when Rainier Beer was THE beer to drink, they should also remember some of the memorial commercials too. Long before frogs ever croaked Bud-wies-er, they were croaking Rain-ier-beer. And the motorcycle riding off on a country road with Mount Rainier in the background, Rrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnniiiiiiiiieeeeeeerrrrrrr Beeeeeerrrrr. Don’t forget the commercials of rounding up the wild Rainiers. I still have a hat pin I got years ago of a Rainier beer bottle with legs.

Helping white men dance for 70 years.Hooray, BEER!

Man Law is pretty darn funny also.

Heh! Thanks for bringing back some good memories, Racer. Ah, for the days when no dorm fridge was complete unless stocked with “pounders” :slight_smile:

I was in Oregon, so I also remember fondly the Henry Weinhard commercials of the time. My friends up there still talk about the old days “Down around Saragosa”. Also, the dorky border guard screening the “out of state” Schludwiller Beer (IIRC). “Where you fellas goin’ with all that beer?”

Hey! That one at the very end the listed town name is my hometown Fort Collins, Colorado. Cool! If you listen to enough of them most of the spots have St. Louis but some are different cities, I wonder why?

Oops I was going to link the file, just for clarity here it is.

There is a series of ads in Australia for my favourite beer (Carlton Draught) which are great.

This tends to be cited as the best one.

There are others in the series, which I will now attempt to find.