Damn you, Rice Krispies!

Okay, so I’m at the supermarket shopping for breakfast cereal, since sometimes I just like to grab a quick bowl of something before work.

“Hey, Rice Krispies!” I says to myself, thinkingsweet thoughts of Rice Krispy squares. “Let’s get these, they’ll be yummy!”

So I buys the Krispies and takes them home. Next morning, I hop out of bed, wash up, then pour myself a big heapin’ bowl of Rice Krispies with milk (lowfat).

… WTF?! These things are bland!

Not wanting to waste food, I resign myself to my fate and finish off the bowl. The matter keeps haunting me, however … where are those yummy Rice Krispies of my youth?

Wondering if I was just unlucky enough to get a bad bag, I hunt down a friend who also eats Rice Krispies. “Lemme have a bowl,” I said.

He gives me an odd look, but agrees.

I pour in the milk, dig out a spoonful… bland. Yuck.

Maybe it’s my memories playing tricks on me, or maybe Kellogs has changed the formula since I last had 'em, but I can only conclude that today’s Rice Krispies have as much flavorful appeal as soggy tissue paper.

And now I’m stuck with a box of taste-deprived Rice Krispies that I’ll have to force myself to finish off, just because I’m not going to waste the food.

Damn you, Rice Krispies!

(Okay, so it’s not much of a rant, but I wanted to rant anyway. Anyone for a bowl of Rice Krispies? :wink: )

Rice Krispie Treats… yummmmmmmmm

I don’t think regular rice crispies were ever really flavorful. I put sugar on them, which makes them better. Did someone else prepare your cereal when you were a youngin?

There used to be a “Rice Krispies Treats Cereal” or something like it where there were rice krispies in little clusters with sugar and a vague marshmallow flavor. Is it possible that that’s what you remember?

While I was at ISU, they made the world’s largest Rice Krispies bar, somewhere near two thousand pounds. They then gave away head-sized chunks of it for donations. I missed it completely, and didn’t even know it was happening until afterward… if I ever go back, I’m going to pay a bit more attention. http://www.fcs.iastate.edu/info/news/nn2001/0426.htm

[George Carlin]This morning I distinctly heard one of my Rice Crispies say, "Snap, crackle, fuck you! [/George Carlin]

Umm… RICE Krispies?

You forgot to add the marshmallows. You remember those… little fluffy cylinders that are 99.9999999% sugar and lard (the rest is air)?

I actually think that the taste of Rice Krispies depends on the type of milk you use, Full fat, semi-skimmed or slimline.

Personally I think Rice Krispies taste better with semi skimmed milk.

Also, would you like Ice cold milk or milk thats been out of the fridge for 15 minutes? I find that the higher the fat content of the milk, it is nicer if it is “not cold” so to speak…

We could do an experiment!

Or to translate for those on the western side of the Pond: whole, 2%, or skim, respectively.

Ya gotta add sugar to those puppies. In my youth, there was always a spoonful of sugar on top of each bowl. Without it, they’re just a bit too bland.

Plus, you get to eat the Sugar Sludge™ that’s left in the bottom of the bowl, woo hoo!

Go back to the supermarket, get some marshmallows and butter, and make up some Krispy Treats. That’s the ONLY way to eat Rice Krispies, IMO.

In the interest of fighting ignorance, there is no lard in marshmallows. Here is an interesting link.

Ingredients: sugar, water, corn syrup, gelatin, and vanilla if you’re doing it at home. The big guys use the same ingredients plus modified cornstarch, a food preservative, and blue coloring.

The best part is drinking the sweetened milk, then eating the Sugar Sludge™.

I used to love Rice Krispies.

Not any more. They don’t taste the same. It’s all the fault of my doctor. I had a check up and my cholesterol was high - not dangerously high but high enough that she thought I should be more careful about what I eat

She asked me about my diet and I told her about the cereals for breakfast.

She said “You have half-and-half on your Rice Krispies !”

She recommended that I change to the 1% milk.

No, it’s not the same anymore. So I just make do with the eggs and bacon. :wink: Hehehe

Oh, phooey. “Lard” is so much more fun to say than “cornstarch”.

Lard, lard, lard, lard, lard, lard, lard, lard, lard…

AMEN!!! That’s what I was going to say.

For fun, add chocolate chips. They melt and blend in with the squares.

It’s not the Rice Krispies, it’s the Bush administration. They snuck into the supermarkets and de-flavorized the breakfast cerials that they had specific information that you were going to buy. Cheney’s co-horts at Enron have been watching you, and your choice of cerials and or snackfoods! Run! They’re after you!

Rice Krispies do taste differently these days. As a kid they were wonderful enough on their own - no sugar needed. The last time I had some I had to put something on them (honey is lovely) to give them some essence of life and flavour.

The milk does make a difference, though, I’ve noticed. The fat content adds flavour - higher fat makes the cereal taste sweeter.

But must agree the best thing to do with them though is Krispie Treats!!!.. now where did I leave those marshmallows???

TOF is correct, the milkfat percentage makes all the difference in taste and you had twice as many tastebuds when you were a kid so the “blandness” you are tasting now was a more complex and interesting taste to you as a child.

Preach it, Sister! Rice Krispie Treats are awesome when made with Cocoa Krispies! :slight_smile:


Is it just possible you changed and not the Rice Crispies?

How many kids like really spicy food? Kids like bland.

Or to put in another way, everything is more intense and flavorful to kids, before the weight of the world crushes their spirit and dulls their taste buds.

That’s kind of a depressing thought actually. If fact, now that I think about it, maybe it IS the Bush administration (better than just getting old.)

Before my spirit was crushed, I would have been alert enough to see astro’s post.