Damn you world, stop picking on my friends!

I have a friend in another country and life is just sucking for her lately. She’s getting dumped by friends and she’s incredibly depressed. And I wish I could fly there and give her a big hug and take care of her, but of course I can’t because I’m poor.

Fuck you world. Go shit on people who deserve it.

Does she have a PC? If so, one thing you could do is mail her a web-camera. Then even though you’re not together, it will make it feel more like you are. You are still her friend, and I’m sure she’s happy about that.

We’ve never actually met, so friends might be an stretch. But we’re going to collab on a fic at some point. I’m just wishing she’d email me back so I knew that has happened to her.

I’ve never met some of my friends in person. Meeting only online just means you have to put in more effort to keep a strong friendship.

Sorry thing aren’t going well for your friend, but this isn’t really the right forum. Off to MPSIMS.

Is “she” a furry too?