FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! Stupid Computers!

For some reason, when I started my computer, it ran scandisk and alot of Internet stuff was said to be damaged, so I tried fixing it!
NOW, all the settings are back to my old bellatlantic account, I can’t get into my e-mail, I have to wait for technical help, shit shit shit!

I do not know JACK SHIT about what happened…
I’m sooooo pissed off right at this moment. My sister’s a little bitch about it, too.

Did you want some help with that, or did you just want to vent?

That is, are you looking for empathy, or a solution?

Well, now I’m looking for empathy, since I called tech support and got it fixed. ARGH, though, it’s sooo annoying!
If anything, it did remind me how badly I need an upgrade.

grins at Lexi Learned your lesson, huh? :wink:

hugs Guin

Yeah sure. I’m glad you took it that way.

heh heh heh.

{{Falcon and Lexi}}

Please, don’t fight now!

Who me? Fight with Falc? With Falcon of all people!
I’m not going to fight with Falc. I wouldn’t fight with Falc if she told me I had my head up my ass! I can prove it, too.

Fight with Lexi? Never! I just needle him a little. grins and hugs both Lex and Guin