Dangerous Intersection: Who to Call?

There is a new Giant supermarket opening down the road from me. They’re finishing up construction this month and part of that was improving the roads in the immediate area. Let me see if I can describe this properly…

In my area there is a major road running right down the middle called New Falls. In the main area it is two lanes on each side, one set going north the other set going south. The problem comes in when they change the right lane to right turn only. When you reach the intersection just before the Giant the right lane is marked right turn only. Every day people totally ignore this restriction, jump around the line of traffic that forms in the center lane going straight and into the right turn only lane. On the other side of this light both lanes continue past the Giant with the right lane primarily for people who want to turn into the Giant parking lot…it terminates in another right turn only lane at the following intersection. What we get are the lane jumpers screaming down the right lane, across the intersection, then cutting back over into the center lane. Even worse is when the light is red. People line up at the intersection like its a drag race, the right lane idiots shoot down as fast as possible to try and cut in front of everyone else.

So in the interests of me not getting so mad that I confront someone on the road I was wondering how does one raise this kind of issue with the local government and how effective something like a well written letter might be. It really gets me mad to watch these inconsiderate idiots basically cutting in line and not waiting their turn.

Do you have a city councillor (alderman)? Who did you vote for in your last municipal election?
Do you have a community police representative?

These would be my starting points.

Seconding contacting PD, almost any town of decent size will have officers assigned to traffic enforcement, sounds like this is easy pickings for tickets. If you can find out who assigns traffic officers you might be able to pitch it to him directly.

You can probably also address your city council meetings or get an appointment to meet with the council rep for that area. If you want to be a fabulous example of a good citizen and own a video camera you might be able to put together a video of it happening over several hours to demonstrate how often it is really happening.

There is a PD of course but I don’t know how much luck I’d have going directly to them. The problem is obvious, there are accidents there all the time, they must know about it. I’ll try contacting someone at the office next to the PD, there is a staff there that does things like dog registrations…local government.

Phily seems to have a pretty pro-active web site including a ‘Contact Us’ and a Steets Department

I’m actually outside the city in Levittown but I’m betting they have a similar setup.