Dangers of "holding it in?" (Not that kind)

A while ago, I discovered that I could hold back some bodily fluids from, umm, ejaculating. It was basically the same thing without the whole mess. I found that I could do it better and better to the point that nothing came out.

I haven’t experienced anything bad as of yet, but I’m can’t imagine holding something back like that could have zero consequences.

So how bad is this really?

IANAD and it could just have been coincidence, and i’m not going into details here, but personally i’d recommend you stick to kleenex.

'nuff said

The fluid just backflows into your bladder, and is released the next time you pee. I’ve never heard of any bad medical effects from retrograde ejaculation, so if you find it enjoyable, go right ahead.

But IANAMD, so don’t take my word on it.

But what did the girl you were into at the time think about that? Or did I miss something?