Hi Daniel-

I recently read a book by Mary Monica Pulver that was set at the site of a SCA war re-enactment. Thought you might enjoy it. It is called “Murder at the War”


Yes, I read it, and it was quite enjoyable. It was also a pretty good fictionalization of the SCA. What did you think?

I really enjoyed it, and the rest of the books in that series.

I can’t speak to the accurate description of an SCA event, as I have never actually been to one. I had a friend who was involved in SCA, and I went to a couple of “fairs” with her, but most of my knowledge is second-hand.

It sounds like fun, though, particularly given my interest in that period of history.

I want to be Henry VII’s Elizabeth, so I can give him the kick in the rear that he deserves. Miserable, prince-killing, miserley old jerk. IMHO.