Dantheman really is THE MAN....Book Fairies you will want to read this...

Yay for dantheman. :slight_smile:
Book Fairies, I’m set to go out to the school tomorrow afternoon for the end of the year party and to give the kids their copy of “Oh, the Place You Will Go” as a final gift.

I was short 4 books. Dantheman had mentioned recently he had an Amazon gift certificate and was looking for a good way to spend it. I told him I had a good cause if he was interested…he said he was. I told him about the literacy project I am involved in and he said he would send 2 books. I had planned on buying the remaining books myself.

I got the box from Amazon on Saturday and not only did he send the 2 books but he sent FOUR books meaning I don’t have to go out and buy the final 2 and I have enough for all 25 kids in my class.

So hurray for dantheman. Extremely grateful for your assistance with this project.

And for all you Book Fairies who have asked…YES I plan to do this again next school year. I’ll send out an email/post a thread and see how much interest there is. If there is enough then I’ll definitely do it again.

Thanks again everybody for all that you have done this year. I’m going to miss this class…they are a great group of kids and I see good things in their future.

I always figured dantheman was a good guy, and this proves it! YAY!

I look forward to being a book fairy again next year. I really enjoyed taking part, especially when my Sarah won the essay contest! :smiley: This little project of yours has given me all kinds of warm fuzzies! Thanks so much for including us!


Okay, who’s been going out and doing good deeds under my name…

dantheman, I owe you one copy of that book that I bought and never sent to Aries. BAD Mama Tiger. BAD Mama Tiger.

Aries, will you want it for next year? I’ll get it sent this time, promise!!!

hip, hip, for dantheman.

Yay :slight_smile:

He’s the man!

how was the party? were there cupcakes? a good time had by all?