SDMB Book Fairies--an update

I have sent this update to our Book Fairy email group but I also wanted to post it here because I know there are people interested in this and want to keep up with it.

I visited with the kids last Thursday for almost 2 hours (my boss was out of town! :o) )

After I gave them their reward books for the book reports they turned in I told them I had a small surprise for them. I gave each of them a Goosebumps book and they were thrilled.

My mother went on the visit with me and she was truly blown away by these kids. She taught in a private school for 16 years up until her retirement last year and she is thinking about getting involved with this program now in a tutoring capacity! Yay!!!

We went to Wal-mart on Saturday to pick up some things and between the two of us we bought TONS of stuff to make Halloween gift bags for the kids. Pencils, finger puppets, erasers, pumpkin shaped bubbles and some other little things. I am going to try and find some stickers and some small books or other items to put in the bags. Plus, my mom volunteered to make cookies to throw in too.

Some of the kids are having a hard time with the book reports. Out of the 24 kids in the class I have 2 kids who have yet to turn in a report. I spoke to the teacher and told her that I want every child to be able to participate and that if I need to spend some time doing extra work with them that I will.

Last year I had a child that was mentally handicapped in my class and he just couldn’t do the reports…no matter how easy I tried to make them for him. He would sit back and watch every other kid get reward books and I just couldn’t take it anymore so I started using my lunch hour once a week and spending extra time with him doing oral book reports. We would try to read the book together then I would ask him questions about the book. By the end of the year he earned enough points to get his T-shirt and he was so happy!

After the kids complete 15 reports they are eligible to get a Blue Ribbon. My class and I have set our goal this year for everybody in our class to get the Blue Ribbon.

I also have received so many wonderful books that I was able to get a huge gift bag and fill it (I could barely lift it) full of books and give it to the library at the school. The lady who runs the library stopped by as I was leaving and introduced herself and told me how much they appreciated the books.

The kids are pumped about their Book Fairies. I haven’t given them many details and they keep asking me “Who’s my fairy?” “Where do they live?” “Do they have kids too?” “If they ever come to Alabama will they visit us?” “Can we send them a letter?”

I am going to give them the first of your books this Thursday. Then I’ll give them the book for October on Halloween when I give them their gift bags. If you haven’t had a chance to send something yet…don’t worry…I have extra books to use. Nobody will be left out, I promise.

I’m in the middle of trying to think of what to dress up as for my Halloween visit. Last year I wore an old gown…think Camelot…and we read ghost stories and I visited the other classrooms because I had enough cookies bought to make bags for other classes. I am amazed at how many kids remember that and remember my visiting. When I was walking down the hallway last week there was a group of 1st graders lined up in the hallway and I heard one little girl whisper…“That’s the lady who is a queen and makes cookies…” :o)

It meant a lot to me to have my mother visit and see how much I love these kids. I have disappointed my parents a lot over the last 10 years and I want them to see that I have made something good of my life. This program and these kids are just part of it.

I hope you don’t mind my rambling but I want you guys to know how much you are impacting these lives.

Thanks again! I’ll update again soon!

Much love,


I went up to the Atlantic Books Warehouse (all remainders, all the time) yesterday and bought the rest of mine. I had way too much fun picking out books! I did mail the first few last week – these will go out sometime this week, I think.

Thanks for doing this, Aries – and thanks for the update!

Twickster I got your package over the weekend. GREAT books!!!


Aries, are people sending hardcover or paperback books? I thought I’d go looking for hardcover, because they last longer and look better, but most kid’s books (like Goosebumps) are only in paperback.

I agree, that this is way too much fun. Can someone every have too much fun?
I just got a gazillion Scholastic Book Fair order forms from my son’s Kindergarten teacher and on the first looksy had my amount at over $75. Curtailing my excitement over the combination of * Xmas, Birthday, New Baby, Just Because, What the Hell, and oooh it’s on sale!* books is very hard for me to do.

Naturally, this will be slashed down to a more respectable amount as I’ve discovered that a Barnes & Noble Used Book Annex by my mom’s carries the same titles and are lower in price.

Aries I think it is just sweet that the kids think you are a queen that bakes cookies.

Most are paperback but I have received some hard back too.

Whatever is easier/best for you.

I missed this and I’m sorry.
I’ve grasped that Dopers are purchasing books for children in your class, Areies28 but that’s about it and it sounds like a wonderful program you’ve put together.
If you need more books and you wouldn’t mind supplying the details again, I love to help.

i sent you a package a week or so ago, with the bfg in it, did it arrive?

I’m loving the updates… thanks so much for supplying them :slight_smile:

There will be a box coming your way this week. Do you have a preference for the mail or is UPS ok?


i think being known as: the queen who bakes cookies is the best thing ever!!! you must have been walking 100 feet off the ground after that.

Aries Kudos to you, doper. Thank you for posting this, it’s nice to read about.

My first book went out last week…
ran into a small snag financially but nothing to fret about… I will get the next book and get it off to you next week.

Have you gotten my package yet?

I’m having lots of fun with this. I’ve been wanting to do something like this (donate kids books) for a while, but never could find anywhere to do it.

Aires28, you are truly an angel. Bless you.

jlzania I’ll email you with some details if you would like to get involved.

aaaaaarrggYes…I got it. THANKS!

Mail or UPS is fine…matters not to me.

KatYes…Got your package too. THANKS!

Krisfer I’m not worried! I have a good supply of “extra” books so if anybody is ever a touch behind in mailing I can pull from that stack.

THANKS again to all! :slight_smile:

I took my daughter with me to do my fairy shopping - she tutors 5th graders so she’s a little more familiar with the target group than I am. She and I hit a used book store near our house and we went a bit nuts. Between the wishlist from my recipient and my daughter’s suggestions (I read this and really liked it!!) I gathered about a dozen or so. Plus my daughter tossed in a few pages of stickers that she had - all kids love stickers, right?

This has been such fun! Do let me know if your supply of books gets low - I’ll gladly round up some more a few months down the line if you need them!