Daredevil Season 2: Episodes 5 to 8. Open through ep 8. No open spoilers beyond ep 8. please.

Episodes 1 to 4 here.

Also a good place to stop and discuss.

They do seem to be beating the issue of his bright line and what is justified and what is not pretty damn hard from different angles.

Elektra at least makes more sense to me now.

Angry with myself for not realizing that the dirt was being taken away … I was thinking some sort of golem or something! No friggin idea what the hole can be for though.

Did see the character witness reveal that he had been the commanding officer coming though.

Still waiting for Claire to come back as a player in the storyline. The hint was dropped that she had contact with Frank early on. That’s like Chekhov’s gun … will she be part of explaining the rest of Frank’s story? No answers from anyone who really knows please!!

A clean slice through the frontal lobe like that can indeed mess up one’s personality leaving other faculties intact. Phineas Gage famously had an iron tamping rod go through his frontal lobe in a not too dissimilar path after an explosion. (His lack of impulse control afterwards well reported; his later gradual recovery less often told.) I wonder if they are intentionally alluding to that case.

Happy to see Karen and Matt cooling down. True they are giving her more backbone but Matt still fits better who can at least emotionally slap him upside the head when need be, if not physically. It does seem like the Karen dalliance was done for the compare/contrast.

That hint completely passed me by… Could you refresh my memory?

I don’t know, but I made the same connection upon hearing the testimony.

One thing I’m liking about these past four episodes is that we’ve gradually been getting to know more about Matt’s senses—the way he sensed (or heard) the current leading to the switch for the hidden door, how he can tell the contents of closed containers (which drawer contained papers, that the wagons were completely filled due to lack of ‘negative space’), and so on. It’s about a million times better than the hokey sonar effect they used in the Ben Affleck movie.

I wonder what ‘message’ Fisk sent to Castle that caused him to essentially blow his own trial (not that a happy ending ever seemed particularly likely)—is Fisk promising him to reveal his family’s killers? But what’s in it for him?

Thank you for starting this. I finished episode 8 last night.

I was excited when I heard Clancy Brown’s voice, but then I realized that this means this small part is all the Clancy Brown goodness we’ll be getting in the MCU.

I thought she was talking about treating Luke Cage in the Jessica Jones series. I could be thinking about another bit of dialog, and missed your reference.

I figured Fisk was trying to take Nelson and Murdock and the DA down in return for going after the three gangs that shot up Frank’s family. I guess we’ll find out next episode.

I am curious about the Yakuza’s Big Dig,. Between that and smuggling in the kid last season, I figure they’re digging a 97 story (so far) hole to keep him in.

Claire did reference Cage, but I also seem to remember Claire mentioning a “John Doe” from a shootout who we could reasonably assume was Frank. But I don’t think it’s going to come any more into play than that.

Maybe it was actually an allusion to something else in another show that I am ignorant of but when talking to Foggy in the ED (before he talked down the gangbanger) she mentioned that she was pulling extra shifts because of having done something to help a big guy and she got left cleaning up the mess, or something similar.

My assumption was that it was hint about a connection she had with Frank. But does she cross shows?

Yeah that was a reference to the Jessica Jones tv show where she appeared in a few episodes.

Right. Towards the end of Jessica Jones, Claire helps Jessica sneak an unconscious Luke Cage out of the hospital when the admitting doctor realizes he’s a super, and then later bails on her work shift to help nurse him to health in Jessica’s apartment. That’s the “big guy” Claire was talking about, not Frank.