LOST 6.3 What Kate Does

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Episode Summary for tonight:

Kate finds herself on the run; Jack must do something that may endanger a friend’s life.

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I can’t really concentrate until Lost airs. So I just sort of pace around the house mumbling to myself.

Did Kate recognize Jack(non-crash timeline)?

A test to be sure… of what? that Sayid wasn’t being inhabited by Esau, or one of his many smoke rings? Although, apparently he didn’t pass the test, according to that last comment before commercial.

at this point I really just hope the last 3 hours of this season are written as a beachside, campfire sit-down session between Jacob, MiB/flocke, Locke, Richard, Ben, Charles, Kung-fu master, John Lennon, Desmond, Elouise, Alvar Hanso, The DeGroots, and anyone else I’m forgetting and they can explain all the crazy shit.

Aldo gets his ass kicked by Kate… again, it appears. Must have been when she and Sawyer escaped from Other-traz, after the polar bear cages.

Justin seemed nice enough, though, for an Other

Sayid must have whatever “infection/sickness” that Roussou’s french team had – what she talked about as the sickness. And I’m guessing it means somehow infected by Smokey the Monster.

Hurley: “You’re not a zombie, right?” Nice…

In this timeline, there IS a couple? (or was?) and Claire’s clearly a little more preggers than before.

Kate knew James would go back to Otherburbia, heh…

Dude – Ethan’s on the mainland in this timeline! Oh, and that’s right – he was Horace’s baby… forgot that until he mentioned the last name.

Dogan spinning the baseball in his Temple office? What is he, the Japanese version of Captain Sisko?

Dude! Claire got claimed by the ‘darkness’, then? Well, I guess the “Christian” she saw in the cabin was a manifestation of Esau.

Oooh! Claire is the new crazy trap-setting jungle chick! That’s what Aldo stopped Justin from telling Kate earlier – when they found the traps and somebody commented about it being one of Roussou’s traps. And Justin was about to say something about it, implying it was somebody other than Roussou, I think.

“I don’t want to start sticking you with needles if I don’t have to.” snicker

Yep, it looks like Claire is the new crazy [del]French[/del] Australian lady

I wonder what other others are on the mainland in the alternate timeline.


Well, at this point I’m a LOT more interested in what’s happening in the non-crash timeline. Because what is happening on the Island is a Mr. Cluck’s x-tra large bucket of moldy LOST cliches. I mean seriously? Year six and we’re still getting:

“What are you doing?”
“I’m gettin’ out of here. Don’t follow me!”

“Where are you going?”
“I’m following him/her.”

“What are you doing here?”
“I followed you.”
“You shouldn’t have followed me.”
“I guess I shouldn’t have followed you.”
one or both parties cries or is shot/kidnapped

And bad guys! But they’re good! But they’re bad! We don’t know! But they must be bad! But maybe they’re really good! They did something bad! But maybe they THINK they’re good! You just wouldn’t understand! It’s complicated! Just shut up and do this and I’ll tell you everything later…after we beat you senseless and then tell you we had no choice, and then we won’t tell you anyway…

On the other hand, in L.A.? Hey, I don’t know what the hell is happening - I like it!

I wonder what CTV (Canadian Broadcaster of Lost) is gonna do with the Olympics taking over their schedule. Are Canadians supposed to watch Lost on ABC?

Too bad Mac and BLT died by Claire. Unless they got shot in non-vital parts and can recover. (Mac = Rob McElhenny in Sunny in Philly and BLT = black dude from Old Degrassi).

I didn’t catch the preview for next week’s episode, was it any good?

You’re concerned that if someone’s shot, or even dies, they can’t show up next week? Where have you been?

On The Island, you can get chopped up in bite-size morsels and set on fire and turned into a newt and you just know you’ll pop up two episodes later… “I got better”.

Quoted for f’ing TRUTH. That was the worst episode in some time.

I believe he was standing guard outside Room 23 when they rescued Alex’s boyfriend…

Well that’s par for Kate centric episodes.

I did like the Claire action though. And whereas I and many others totally thought Jacob was going to be in Sayid, it turns out he has the sickness (And Claire too!), which is something I’m glad they are finally addressing…

Who’s Jack’s sister??

Claire. Christian was having an affair with her mother and she and Jack are half-siblings.